17 May - 20 May 2024 - Hayling Island SC

RS Sailing 30th Anniversary Regatta, 00 fleet Masters, Noble Marine RS500 UK Nationals 2024

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Noble Marine RS500 Nationals Championships at RS 30th Anniversary Regatta

Congratulations to Tim and Heather Wilkins, our Noble Marine RS500 National Champions 2024!

1st Youth Helm Samuel Leather

1st Youth Crew Will Bradley

1st Master Steve Cockerill

5 winners from 6 races - great competition throughout the fleet!

Photo Gallery from Digital Sailing here

Report, thanks to Heather Wilkins

This year’s major RS calendar event, celebrating 30 years of epic sailing and parties, gave the RS500s a chance to come together as friends and battle it out as competitors for the 2024 UK national title. 

Hayling Island delivered on sunshine, sparkling seas and slumbering seals, and although the seabreeze didn’t quite make it to the party it was a fantastic weekend both on and off the water. 

The racing was seriously close, with five different race winners across seven races. Day one brought a max of six knots to the course so it was a battle of who could crouch the lowest, hug the mast the tightest and stay the stillest for longest. Everyone worked hard to max out the tiny puffs of wind and keep from shaking it out of the sails with plenty of rolling tack and gybes. 

Race one saw Tim and Heather Wilkins make a break on the first upwind leg and hold a lead until the finish, despite being gradually reeled in by Paul Cullen and Fresh Abendstern who were showing some serious speed on the downwind legs - a masterclass in eyes on the spinnaker and a steady hand from the helm. Race two was Paul and Fresh’s turn to hold to the finish in a close race, whilst race three saw class newcomers Luke and Will Bradley find the quickest way up the first beat and hold a comfortable lead to the finish, despite being hunted down by Peter and James Curtis who were also showing a great turn of downwind speed. There was some great boat on boat action all the way through the fleet. By the end of day one there was one point separating the leaders and all to play for.

Day two and despite best efforts to manifest some wind overnight, all classes were held on shore for most of the day. The day was spent on the sailing club decking drinking coffee and bimbling in the boat park. There was also a chance to get the low down from Oscar Deurloo on all things World Championships to be held in the Netherlands later this year. Father and son team, Oscar and Samuel made the trip over from Rotterdam to compete with the UK fleet, bringing an international feel to the event. The 500 fleet hit the water late afternoon and managed to get in one race in a fickle southeasterly, with Steve and Sarah Cockerill finding their form to take the race win from Paul and Fresh.

While the best moves on the water had to be saved for another day, there were some pretty fresh moves later that night. Props to James, Fresh and Oli for representing the 500s on the dance floor.

Day three and everyone was up early, ready to make the most of a slightly stronger northeasterly breeze. While there was an early morning promise of some planing, the breeze didn’t quite hold out, but this time there was just enough wind in the sails to dust off the trapeze and stretch the legs a little upwind. 

Race five got underway in a dying northeasterly and saw Tim and Heather take the win, whilst a dramatic finish behind them saw Luke and Will just hold their second place from an advancing Paul and Fresh, who had spotted the southeasterly breeze kicking in on the last leg - which led to some spinnakers being flown on the last ‘beat’ to the shortened course finish. 

Race six saw Mike Saul and Oli Kent break through the pack, sniffing out the best shifts with some close boat on boat action at the top. with Tim and Heather who just pipped them over the finish line, only for both teams to be disqualified for being over the start line, allowing Bob and Isla Preston to come through for their first race win, holding off current world champs Steve and Sarah. 

By the final race all podium positions were still up for grabs, and it was a nervy start line for the teams under black flag with a pushing tide. Luckily all got away clear this time, and it was Tim and Heather who had found their stride and took the race win to secure the National Championship, while another solid second from Steve and Sarah saw them advance onto the podium behind Paul and Fresh who held silver position overall.

Samuel Leather was recognised for being 1st youth helm, Will Bradley 1st youth crew and Steve Cockerill for 1st master.

Even without the wind that was hoped for, the weekend at Hayling Island was a fantastic one thanks to the brilliant event planning from RS in a beautiful setting, and a group of enthusiastic, friendly sailors. 

Looking ahead to the rest of the year there are some excellent sailing on the Solent adventures to come with the Rooster National Tour in Lymington and Lee on the Solent scheduled for June and Gurnard Sailing Club for July which will be the first time the club has hosted the RS500s. And of course there is the World Championships on the horizon with more than 50 boats already signed up to take part in Bruinisse in the Netherlands. With five previous World Champs title holders set to attend and many more aiming for the top half of the fleet, this event is highly anticipated for the fun to be had both on and off the water.

RS 30th Anniversary

Hayling Island Sailing Club


Results as of 15:47 on May 19, 2024

RS500 Class

Rank Class Fleet Sail no Helm Club Helm Name Crew Name Rating Helm Gender Crew Gender(1) Fri R1 Fri R2 R3 Sat R1 Sun R1 Sun R2 Sun R3 Total Nett
1 RS500 RS500 920 Gurnard Tim Wilkins Heather Wilkins   Male Female 1.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 1.0 (13.0 UFD) 1.0 25.0 12.0
2 RS500 RS500 529 Weirwood S.C. / R.D.N.B.Y.C. Paul Spanner Cullen Fresh Abendstern   Male Male 2.0 1.0 (13.0 DSQ) 2.0 3.0 3.0 4.0 28.0 15.0
3 RS500 RS500 1756 Stokes Bay Sailing Club Steve Cockerill Sarah Cockerill   Male Female 4.0 5.0 5.0 1.0 (8.0) 2.0 2.0 27.0 19.0
4 RS500 RS500 842 Gurnard Sailing Club Luke Bradley Will Bradley   Male Male (13.0 UFD) 2.0 1.0 5.0 2.0 4.0 5.0 32.0 19.0
5 RS500 RS500 1681 Grafham Water SC Peter Curtis James Curtis   Male Male (5.0) 4.0 2.0 4.0 4.0 5.0 3.0 27.0 22.0
6 RS500 RS500 8 Yorkshire Dales Michael Saul Oliver Kent   Male Male 3.0 6.0 4.0 6.0 6.0 (13.0 UFD) 7.0 45.0 32.0
7 RS500 RS500 857 Gurnard Sailing Club Bob Preston Isla Preston   Male Female 6.0 7.0 6.0 (8.0) 7.0 1.0 6.0 41.0 33.0
8 RS500 RS500 1002 Gurnard Sailing Club Robin Leather Samuel Leather   Male Male 10.0 8.0 7.0 7.0 (12.0) 6.0 10.0 60.0 48.0
9 RS500 RS500 526 ZVO Samuel Deurloo Oscar Deurloo   Male Male 7.0 9.0 8.0 9.0 (11.0) 8.0 8.0 60.0 49.0
10 RS500 RS500 783 Thorney Island Sailing Club Simon Horsfield tbc   Male Male 8.0 (11.0) 9.0 11.0 5.0 10.0 9.0 63.0 52.0
11 RS500 RS500 803 Grafham Water Sailing Club John Reynolds Fran Howell   Male Female 11.0 10.0 11.0 (12.0) 9.0 7.0 11.0 71.0 59.0
12 RS500 RS500 1750 Draycote Water SC Nigel Davis Aaron Davis   Male Male 9.0 (12.0) 10.0 10.0 10.0 9.0 12.0 72.0 60.0



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RS100 Class

Sailed: 5, Discards: 1, To count: 4, Entries: 9, Scoring system: Appendix A
Rank Class Fleet Country Sail no Helm Club Helm Name Crew Name Rating Helm Gender Crew Gender(1) Sat R1 Sat R2 Sun R1 Sun R2 Sun R3 Total Nett
1 RS100 RS100 United Kingdom (GBR) 259 Frensham Pond Ian Gregory     Male   1.0 (4.0) 1.0 3.0 1.0 10.0 6.0
2 RS100 RS100 United Kingdom (GBR) 145 Netley SC Nigel Wakefield     Male   2.0 (6.0) 2.0 1.0 4.0 15.0 9.0
3 RS100 RS100 United Kingdom (GBR) 370 Netley SC Nils Jolliffe     Male   (5.0) 3.0 5.0 2.0 2.0 17.0 12.0
4 RS100 RS100 United Kingdom (GBR) 509 Frensham Pond Clive Eplett     Male   4.0 2.0 (6.0) 4.0 3.0 19.0 13.0
5 RS100 RS100 United Kingdom (GBR) 441 Chew valley lake sailing club Stephen Jones     Male   3.0 1.0 4.0 (6.0) 6.0 20.0 14.0
6 RS100 RS100 United Kingdom (GBR) 379 Gurnard SC Mark harrison     Male   6.0 (10.0 OCS) 3.0 8.0 5.0 32.0 22.0
7 RS100 RS100 United Kingdom (GBR) 523 Chew Valley Lake SC Mr David Smart     Male   (9.0) 5.0 7.0 5.0 9.0 35.0 26.0
8 RS100 RS100 Germany (GER) 432 Yachtclub Nuernberg e.V. Maximilian Thiermann     Male   (8.0) 7.0 8.0 7.0 8.0 38.0 30.0
9 RS100 RS100 United Kingdom (GBR) 221 Emsworth Sailing Club Martin Wilson     Male   7.0 8.0 (9.0) 9.0 7.0 40.0 31.0

Congratulations to Ben Whaley and Lorna Glen, RS200 Winners at RS 30th Anniversary Regatta and to Mike Warwicker, sailing with Kate Fitzsimmons our RS200 Masters Champion 2024!

Masters Results here

Photo Gallery from Digital Sailing here

Full RS 30th Anniversary Regatta Results here

Report from the Masters, thanks to Emily Davis (sailing with Flynn)

In true Hayling fashion the sun was shining from dawn til dusk on all three days though the wind very nearly didn’t make an appearance!

On day one, a combined handicap Masters Fleet took to the water for 2 races in light tricky conditions. Mike Warwicker and Kate Fitzsimmons took control by footing off and going for speed rather than height and ended the day with the most consistent results.

With the arrival of the rest of the fleets the following day, the wind remained light and only two races were managed, one of which we won (in the masters fleet) and the other was a hopeless start with most of the fleet (including Flynn and I) unable to make the pin on starboard. Sailing ashore,  HISC’s sunny terrace beckoned and most succumbed to the call of the bar and a great bbq ; it was difficult then not to get stuck into the usual amazing  RS party catching up with friends across the classes, rekindling friendships borne from trailing round with our kids many years ago.

An early protest hearing on Sunday for us threw out our first from the day before, giving us fire in our bellies (instead of a hangover) to claim three masters bullets on day three; after a difficult start for the race officer the wind finally settled and built enough to have crews even sit  on the side. Alas this was not enough to push through Mike and Kate’s consistency and they rightfully took the crown. Lessons learnt ! After the pack up an emotional medal ceremony wrapped up an amazing event , 31st birthday regatta very much looked forward to!!

Emily Davis

RS200 Class

Rank Class Fleet Country Sail no Helm Club Helm Name Crew Name Rating Helm Gender Crew Gender(1) Sat R1 Sat R2 Sun R1 Sun R2 Sun R3 Total Nett
1 RS200 RS200 United Kingdom (GBR) 1700 HISC Ben Whaley Lorna Glen   Male Female 1.0 (2.0) 1.0 1.0 1.0 6.0 4.0
2 RS200 RS200 United Kingdom (GBR) 1609 HISC Darling Charlie Darling   Male Male 2.0 (6.0) 3.0 2.0 2.0 15.0 9.0
3 RS200 RS200 United Kingdom (GBR) 1604 Sutton Dan Venables Krystal Law   Male Female 3.0 1.0 4.0 8.0 (39.0 BFD) 55.0 16.0
4 RS200 RS200 United Kingdom (GBR) 1521 QMSC / Sutton Matt Venables Bethan Matthew   Male Female 4.0 5.0 6.0 3.0 (10.0) 28.0 18.0
5 RS200 RS200 United Kingdom (GBR) 964 Weir Wood HISC Chris Thomas Alexandra Emily Helen Ling   Male Female 10.0 (15.0) 2.0 9.0 4.0 40.0 25.0
6 RS200 RS200 United Kingdom (GBR) 1540 Hisc Lee Sydenham Anne Sydenham   Male Female 5.0 7.0 (39.0 DNF) 10.0 5.0 66.0 27.0
7 RS200 RS200 United Kingdom (GBR) 1313 WPNSA Leo Wilkinson Amelie Curtis   Male Female (21.0) 10.0 5.0 6.0 8.0 50.0 29.0
8 RS200 RS200 United Kingdom (GBR) 439 QMSC Paris Thomas Marta Uncio Ribera   Male Female (13.0) 8.0 11.0 5.0 7.0 44.0 31.0
9 RS200 RS200 United Kingdom (GBR) 736 Emsworth Sailing Club Megan Farrer Will Martin   Female Male 22.0 (27.0) 7.0 4.0 3.0 63.0 36.0
10 RS200 RS200 United Kingdom (GBR) 1698 RNSA Tom Goodey Verity Hopkins   Male Female 6.0 17.0 (39.0 BFD) 7.0 6.0 75.0 36.0
11 RS200 RS200 United Kingdom (GBR) 1628 Pbsc Mike Green Lynne Ratcliffe   Male Female 7.0 14.0 8.0 11.0 (39.0 BFD) 79.0 40.0
12 RS200 RS200 United Kingdom (GBR) 1167 Sutton Bingham Rupert Balmain Jack Wilson   Male Male 8.0 3.0 10.0 24.0 (39.0 DNC) 84.0 45.0
13 RS200 RS200 United Kingdom (GBR) 1036 HISC Julia Staite Hannah Carruthers   Female Female 12.0 9.0 9.0 (22.0) 19.0 71.0 49.0
14 RS200 RS200 United Kingdom (GBR) 1415 HISC Clare Whitehill Gilly Phillips   Female Female (39.0 OCS) 16.0 15.0 15.0 11.0 96.0 57.0
15 RS200 RS200 United Kingdom (GBR) 1740 HISC/ CBYC Mark Oakey Jess Oakey   Male Female 20.0 13.0 (39.0 BFD) 13.0 12.0 97.0 58.0
16 RS200 RS200 United Kingdom (GBR) 1173 Draycote water SC Emily Davis Flynn Davies   Female Male (39.0 DSQ) 19.0 13.0 12.0 14.0 97.0 58.0
17 RS200 RS200   1620   Lawrence Hayward Ann Nugent 1046 Male Female 16.0 4.0 18.0 (23.0) 21.0 82.0 59.0
18 RS200 RS200   1721   Mike Warwicker Kate Fitzsimmons 1046 Male Female 11.0 11.0 (39.0 BFD) 20.0 20.0 101.0 62.0
19 RS200 RS200 United Kingdom (GBR) 1639 Bowmoor SC Chris Hatton Ellie Pickard   Male Female 17.0 (32.0) 21.0 18.0 9.0 97.0 65.0
20 RS200 RS200 United Kingdom (GBR) 1533 HISC Benjamin Ripley Harry Thurlow   Male Male 14.0 (29.0) 12.0 19.0 25.0 99.0 70.0
21 RS200 RS200 United Kingdom (GBR) 1301 Bowmoor/HISC Sarah Pickard Laurie Callaghan   Female Female 15.0 (25.0) 17.0 16.0 22.0 95.0 70.0
22 RS200 RS200   1165   Ian Pickard Rachel Jenkins 1046 Male Female 18.0 20.0 20.0 (28.0) 16.0 102.0 74.0
23 RS200 RS200 United Kingdom (GBR) 1152 Burnham Sailing Club Joanna Tribe Marcus Collingbourne   Female Male 26.0 (33.0) 19.0 21.0 13.0 112.0 79.0
24 RS200 RS200 United Kingdom (GBR) 1218 HISC Kai Miller Con Miller   Male Male 9.0 22.0 (39.0 DNF) 33.0 17.0 120.0 81.0
25 RS200 RS200 United Kingdom (GBR) 1154 Royal Harwich Yacht Club Josh Richardson Jacob Richardson   Male Male 27.0 (34.0) 14.0 25.0 18.0 118.0 84.0
26 RS200 RS200 United Kingdom (GBR) 1723 Bowmoor SC William Morris Darcy Lynall   Male Female (29.0) 12.0 22.0 29.0 24.0 116.0 87.0
27 RS200 RS200 United Kingdom (GBR) 1529 Frensham Pond SC Oliver Stratton-Brown Andrew Soars   Male Male (39.0 OCS) 30.0 16.0 27.0 15.0 127.0 88.0
28 RS200 RS200 United Kingdom (GBR) 993 Bowmoor Toby Banbrook John Banbrook   Male Male 25.0 24.0 23.0 (26.0) 23.0 121.0 95.0
29 RS200 RS200 United Kingdom (GBR) 1373 Starcross Yacht Club Helen Scott Dougal Scott   Female Male 19.0 28.0 (39.0 BFD) 14.0 39.0 BFD 139.0 100.0
30 RS200 RS200 United Kingdom (GBR) 627 HISC Emilia Ripley Anna Elms   Female Female 24.0 21.0 25.0 31.0 (39.0 BFD) 140.0 101.0
31 RS200 RS200 United Kingdom (GBR) 1017 Eastbourne Sovereign Sailing Club Matthew Riley Miranda Cook   Male Female 28.0 23.0 24.0 (32.0) 28.0 135.0 103.0
32 RS200 RS200 United Kingdom (GBR) 770 QMSC Douglas Struth Marion Heron   Male Female 23.0 18.0 (39.0 BFD) 30.0 39.0 DNC 149.0 110.0
33 RS200 RS200 United Kingdom (GBR) 997 HISC Nev Watson Isaac Watson   Male Male 30.0 31.0 (39.0 BFD) 17.0 39.0 DNC 156.0 117.0
34 RS200 RS200   1725   Nick Marley Ian Peace 1046 Male Male 31.0 26.0 (39.0 BFD) 34.0 26.0 156.0 117.0
35 RS200 RS200 United Kingdom (GBR) 684 Thorpe Bay Yacht Club Sam Osborne Neil Markey   Male Male 33.0 (36.0) 26.0 35.0 29.0 159.0 123.0
36 RS200 RS200 United Kingdom (GBR) 537 Bosham/RNSA Lou Dicker Katy Reed   Female Female 32.0 35.0 (39.0 BFD) 36.0 27.0 169.0 130.0
37 RS200 RS200 United Kingdom (GBR) 1507 Bough Beech Finley Southon Patrick Southon   Male Male (39.0 DNC) 39.0 DNC 39.0 DNC 39.0 DNC 39.0 DNC 195.0 156.0
37 RS200 RS200 United Kingdom (GBR) 1570 Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club Mark Ampleford Josh Ampleford   Male Male (39.0 DNC) 39.0 DNC 39.0 DNC 39.0 DNC 39.0 DNC 195.0 156.0

Congratulations to Dave Acres, RS300 Winner at RS 30th Anniversary Regatta !

Photo Gallery from Digital Sailing here

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RS300 Rooster National Tour at RS 30th Anniversary Regatta, 17-19 May at Hayling Island Sailing Club

The forecast was truly GRIM, so grim that Roger Marino, we assume, took one look at it and stayed in bed! Fortunately the eight RS300s who got through the HISC traffic where treated to two days of exceptional tight racing with the HISC race team extracting the very best of the conditions coupled with the RS Sailing Team’s awesome entertainment package!

Saturday was always going to be tricky and having been held ashore, getting three races in was going to be challenging, but the sun was out, no sign of the forecasted rain and there was breeze – not much but enough to race!  The RS300ss were last start of three fleets. With 3 to 4 knots shifting around the course, Tango Tom (Tom Moore) on his new Orangutang platform was brimming with deserved confidence and in short, gave the fleet a great view of his transom as he disappeared off in both races securing two bullets on Orangutang’s day one début.  

The pin end on both races was the Cool Place to be seen, with Tom and Pete Mackin pushing off hard. Pete’s Yellow Peril though was obviously feeling dejected with all the attention the Orangutang was receiving and punished him with an unusual sluggish performance.  In the light breeze, heavy wind specialist Charlie South demonstrated excellent boat speed pushing Luke South hard up the first beat, both having tacked off early with Ben Heppenstall, Tim le Couilliard, Dave Acres, and Mark Schuerch all within a boat length of each other at the top mark.  With the wind dropping off Charlie pulled clear of the chasing back, passing Luke and Dave and leaving them in his wake, not for the last time, down the run.  As a majority of the fleet tacked off right, Mystic Meg (Dave) had obviously polished his crystal ball and steamed off hard left followed by Tim.  As we came back together Dave was well clear ahead of the pack in 2nd, Tim 3rd , Charlie 4th.  Much to Charlie’s disgust Luke sailed straight passed him on the reach to secure 4th and Charlie and Pete slugged it out to the finish with Pete settling for 6th.

The second race followed a similar theme, with the chasing pack behind Tom exchanging places uphill and down.  Again Charlie gave a master class of on downwind sailing leading the chasing back but just couldn’t hold them off on the dropping breeze on the reaches.

After a few logistical challenges moving dogs and cars we all regrouped for the evening’s entertainment of a live band and BBQ.  All agreed that, despite the light wind, the racing was excellent and fair and with the exception of Tom, the fleet were all incredibly close with the smallest of mistakes punishing you.

Sunday dawned with a few foggy heads and a Northly breeze, so we were held ashore as the wind dropped, increased and dropped again and shifted around.  We eventually set off for a long slow run out to the horizon to our course.  Mystic Meg obviously had ran out of polish as he joined the RS21s adding a further ½ to his sail out!  Fortunately multiple postponements and a few last min start cancellations for the RS200 gave Meg plenty of time.

The wind eventually did a 180 and a small sea breeze settled and began to build.  The RS200s were demoted to 3rd start and on the naughty step so this meant racing could get underway!  With the wind settled and toe straps for some beginning to be used, the third race was incredibly tight.  We all landed at the windward mark in a tight line having swapped places multiple times, however Dave, Pete and Mark showed the best tactical know-how to pull away.  The wind built to a steady 6 to 7 knots for the last two races with race 4 going to Luke, who had sailed over Pete on the reach, while Pete and Charlie battled it out, letting Tom sneak through bellow.   The last race was a race to the right lay-line with Luke and Dave engaged in a boat-speed duel,  Luke squeezed Mark out forcing him to tack off.  Pete threw everything at the left lay-line on the 2nd beat trying to replicate Dave’s day one Mystic Meg but to no avail!

The RS300 always turns heads, but this weekend with both Tom and Pete’s on display even more so!  With our motley crew showing an age span for 41 years and a weight span of 41 kg across the fleet, the racing was incredibly tight demonstrating the wonderful versability of our most excellent boats!

A huge thank you to RS Sailing for a brilliant weekend, to HISC for excellent race management, and to Rooster for their continued support of our RS300 National Tour!

Report by Luke South

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RS300 Class

Rank Class Fleet Country Sail no Helm Club Helm Name Crew Name Rating Helm Gender Crew Gender(1) Sat R1 Sat R2 Sun R1 Sun R2 Sun R3 Total Nett
1 RS300 RS300 United Kingdom (GBR) 544 Emsworth Dave Acres     Male   2.0 3.0 1.0 (4.0) 1.0 11.0 7.0
2 RS300 RS300 United Kingdom (GBR) 560 Shropshire SC Tom Moore     Male   1.0 1.0 4.0 2.0 (7.0) 15.0 8.0
3 RS300 RS300 United Kingdom (GBR) 520 Emsworth sailing club Luke South     Male   4.0 2.0 (5.0) 1.0 2.0 14.0 9.0
4 RS300 RS300 United Kingdom (GBR) 556 Stokes Bay Peter Mackin     Male   (6.0) 5.0 2.0 3.0 3.0 19.0 13.0
5 RS300 RS300 United Kingdom (GBR) 519 Emsworth sailing club Charlie South     Male   5.0 4.0 (7.0) 5.0 4.0 25.0 18.0
6 RS300 RS300 United Kingdom (GBR) 403 Hykeham Sailing Club Mark Schuerch     Male   (7.0) 7.0 3.0 7.0 5.0 29.0 22.0
7 RS300 RS300 United Kingdom (GBR) 537 Whitefriars SC Ben Heppenstall     Male   (8.0) 6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0 32.0 24.0
8 RS300 RS300 United Kingdom (GBR) 530 King George Sailing Club Tim Le Couilliard     Male   3.0 8.0 (10.0 DNC) 10.0 DNC 10.0 DNC 41.0 31.0
9 RS300 RS300 United Kingdom (GBR) 501 Warsash SC Roger Marino     Male   (10.0 DNS) 10.0 DNC 10.0 DNC 10.0 DNC 10.0 DNC 50.0 40.0

Congratulations to Nick Craig and Tobytastic, RS400 Overall and Masters Winners at RS 30th Regatta!

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RS400 Class

Sailed: 4, Discards: 1, To count: 3, Entries: 23, Scoring system: Appendix A
Rank Class Fleet Country Sail no Helm Club Helm Name Crew Name Rating Helm Gender Crew Gender(1) Sat R1 Sun R1 Sun R2 Sun R3 Total Nett
1 RS400 RS400 United Kingdom (GBR) 1500 Burghfield Frensham LoS Nick Craig Tobytastic   Male Male 1.0 (4.0) 1.0 1.0 7.0 3.0
2 RS400 RS400 United Kingdom (GBR) 1535 Llandegfedd sailing club Tom Halhead Paul Hilliar   Male Male 3.0 3.0 (6.0) 3.0 15.0 9.0
3 RS400 RS400 United Kingdom (GBR) 1479 Pevensey Bay SC Chris Webber Nicki Webber   Male Female (5.0) 1.0 5.0 4.0 15.0 10.0
4 RS400 RS400 United Kingdom (GBR) 1538 Burghfield Ian martin Chris Martin   Male Male 2.0 (6.0) 4.0 6.0 18.0 12.0
5 RS400 RS400 United Kingdom (GBR) 1541 Parkstone Edd Whitehead Karen Oldale   Male Female (9.0) 8.0 3.0 2.0 22.0 13.0
6 RS400 RS400 United Kingdom (GBR) 1981 Lymington Town SC Howard Farbrother Jack Munnelly (day one only) / Louise Hosken   Male Female (14.0) 2.0 2.0 11.0 29.0 15.0
7 RS400 RS400 United Kingdom (GBR) 1528 Queen Mary Christopher Eames Rachel Tilley   Male Female 4.0 7.0 (8.0) 7.0 26.0 18.0
8 RS400 RS400   1502 Llangorse SC Jon Heissig Nicky Griffin 939 Male Female 6.0 9.0 (12.0) 5.0 32.0 20.0
9 RS400 RS400 United Kingdom (GBR) 1550   Jack Holden Dan Martin   Male Male (24.0 DNC) 5.0 9.0 8.0 46.0 22.0
10 RS400 RS400 United Kingdom (GBR) 1444 Warsash Sailing Club Alex Horlock Robin Kirby   Male Male 13.0 (16.0) 7.0 10.0 46.0 30.0
11 RS400 RS400   1189 Downs Steve Restall Chris Stubbs 939     10.0 11.0 (13.0) 9.0 43.0 30.0
12 RS400 RS400 United Kingdom (GBR) 1480 Eastbourne Sovereign SC andy jeffries allyson jeffries   Male Female 7.0 (14.0) 14.0 12.0 47.0 33.0
13 RS400 RS400 United Kingdom (GBR) 1309 Solva Sailing Club Stevie Beckett Lucy Rutter   Male Female (16.0) 10.0 11.0 13.0 50.0 34.0
14 RS400 RS400   1377 Lee-on-Solent SC Neil Bevington Alan Skeens 939 Male Male 12.0 (15.0) 10.0 14.0 51.0 36.0
15 RS400 RS400 United Kingdom (GBR) 1369 Parkstone Y.C. Leo Dixon Jay Dixon   Male Male 11.0 13.0 15.0 (17.0) 56.0 39.0
16 RS400 RS400 United Kingdom (GBR) 1489   David Swift Rob Burges   Male Male 8.0 (19.0) 17.0 15.0 59.0 40.0
17 RS400 RS400 United Kingdom (GBR) 1410 Tynemouth SC Jacob Ainsworth Kayleigh Roberts   Male Female 15.0 17.0 16.0 (18.0) 66.0 48.0
18 RS400 RS400 United Kingdom (GBR) 1529 HISC Clive Everest Rebecca Kent   Male Female 18.0 12.0 (19.0) 19.0 68.0 49.0
19 RS400 RS400   1422 Warsash Sailing Club Bruce Mills Andrea Jarman 939 Male Female 17.0 (18.0) 18.0 16.0 69.0 51.0
20 RS400 RS400 United Kingdom (GBR) 1462 Stokes Bay SC Dennis Watson Nikita Watson   Male Female 20.0 (21.0) 21.0 20.0 82.0 61.0
21 RS400 RS400 United Kingdom (GBR) 630 York SC Peter craggs Phil Nelson   Male Male 21.0 20.0 20.0 (24.0 DNC) 85.0 61.0
22 RS400 RS400 United Kingdom (GBR) 1474 HISC Sam Gardner Jamie Wilson   Male Male 19.0 (24.0 DNC) 24.0 DNC 24.0 DNC 91.0 67.0
23 RS400 RS400 United Kingdom (GBR) 1539 Lymington Town Sailing Club Steven Broomfield Jenni Lewis   Male Female (24.0 DNC) 24.0 DNC 24.0 DNC 24.0 DNC 96.0 72.0

Congratulations to Jamie Mawson, RS600 Winner at RS 30th Regatta and to Ian Marshall for representing the 600s in the Masters Handicap

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RS600 Class

Sailed: 4, Discards: 1, To count: 3, Entries: 17, Scoring system: Appendix A
Rank Class Fleet Country Sail no Helm Club Helm Name Crew Name Rating Helm Gender Crew Gender(1) Sat R1 Sun R1 Sun R2 Sun R3 Total Nett
1 RS600   United Kingdom (GBR) 1001 Notts County Jamie Mawson     Male   1.0 1.0 1.0 (2.0) 5.0 3.0
2 RS600   United Kingdom (GBR) 1005 Bough beech sailing club George Smith     Male   (5.0) 4.0 3.0 1.0 13.0 8.0
3 RS600 RS600   654 Oxford SC and RAFSA Ian Robert Marshall   917 Male   3.0 2.0 4.0 (10.0) 19.0 9.0
4 RS600   United Kingdom (GBR) 803 Medway Yacht Club Richard Smith     Male   2.0 (6.0) 6.0 6.0 20.0 14.0
5 RS600   United Kingdom (GBR) 898 Warsash Sailing Club Dylan Collingbourne     Male   7.0 3.0 5.0 (9.0) 24.0 15.0
6 RS600   United Kingdom (GBR) 980 Bough Beech Richard Bone     Male   4.0 (7.0) 7.0 5.0 23.0 16.0
7 RS600   United Kingdom (GBR) 913   Adam Watson     Male   (9.0) 5.0 8.0 4.0 26.0 17.0
8 RS600   United Kingdom (GBR) 1011 Grafham Water Sailing Club Will Russell     Male   6.0 (14.0) 10.0 3.0 33.0 19.0
9 RS600   United Kingdom (GBR) 800 Felpham Sailing Club Tim Cutsforth     Male   11.0 8.0 2.0 (13.0) 34.0 21.0
10 RS600   United Kingdom (GBR) 842 Stone Sailing Club James Crook     Male   8.0 11.0 9.0 (12.0) 40.0 28.0
11 RS600   United Kingdom (GBR) 754 Bowmoor SC Matt Banbrook     Male   (17.0) 9.0 14.0 7.0 47.0 30.0
12 RS600   United Kingdom (GBR) 761 Thornbury SC Jamie Watson     Male   12.0 (13.0) 11.0 8.0 44.0 31.0
13 RS600   United Kingdom (GBR) 918 Bough Beech SC Rhys Triffitt     Male   10.0 10.0 13.0 (15.0) 48.0 33.0
14 RS600   United Kingdom (GBR) 848 Bowmoor SC David Nunn     Male   (15.0) 12.0 12.0 11.0 50.0 35.0
15 RS600   United Kingdom (GBR) 957 Calshot SC Tom Cave     Male   (16.0) 15.0 15.0 14.0 60.0 44.0
16 RS600   United Kingdom (GBR) 986 HISC Ian Jubb     Male   13.0 (18.0 RET) 18.0 DNC 18.0 DNC 67.0 49.0
17 RS600   United Kingdom (GBR) 897 Portchester Sailing Club Paul Bayliss     Male   14.0 (18.0 DNC) 18.0 DNC 18.0 DNC 68.0 50.0

Congratulations to John Booth, RS700 Winner at RS 30th Regatta and to Pete Purkiss, our RS700 Masters Champion 2024!

You have two fabulous reports to read: Masters report by Roland Smith here, and Regatta report by Rob Higgins here

Masters Results here

Photo Gallery from Digital Sailing here

Full RS 30th Anniversary Regatta Results here

The RS 30th final video is here  

RS700 Masters and RS700 Rooster National Tour at RS 30th Anniversary Regatta, 17-19 May at Hayling Island Sailing Club

Four grandees of the RS700 fleet met at Hayling Island Sailing Club on 17th - 19th May 2024 for a RS700 Masters open as part of the RS 30th anniversary regatta.

Day One

Day one was sailed as a combined handicap race across RS200, RS400, RS600, RS700 and RS800 Masters fleets on a two lap sausage triangle course in Hayling Bay.

Race One (SE 5 knots): Whilst Pete Purkis showed strong upwind boat speed on the left side of the course, the first beat favoured the right side used by Matt Carter and Roland Smith.  This resulted in Pete making the mark just ahead of Matt and Roland who rounded together.  Matt demonstrated strong downwind speed closing the gap on Pete.  Pete got a gap again upwind with Matt closing to 26 seconds on the two reaching legs.  Stephen Carr finished this race in fourth place.

Race Two (SE 6 knots): Matt Carter continued with his tactic of going the wrong way on the beats in race two.  So Pete rounded the windward mark in the lead followed by Roland and then Matt.  Matt's downwind speed saw him draw level with Roland by the leeward gate, but lose ground upwind.  By the wing mark, Pete had a lead, with Matt just behind Roland.  Matt overtook Roland, but the leg was not quite long enough for him to catch Pete, who took line honours by 9 seconds.

Day Two

The forecast offered "changeable" conditions that started Westerly at 6am moved through NW, N, NE, E, SE before settling to at 4 knot Southerly for afternoon.  The Masters were joined by the main RS700 fleet for windward leeward fleet racing.  Two races were achieved in marginal 4 knot conditions where the RS700 struggled to thrive.  Matt Carter wisely chose to stay ashore leaving the field clear for Pete Purkiss to secure two more Masters bullets and 3rd overall in the main fleet results.

Day Three

Day three dawned bright, clear and cloudless skies with an 8knt NE.  Forecasts suggested the wind would switch to a Southerly sea breeze which arrived on schedule at 1230hrs and built slowly from 6 to 8 knts through the afternoon.  The Race Officer was able to squeeze in three, 30-40 minute races allowing the series to be completed in full.  Even conditions across the course resulted in some very close racing across the main fleet with little separating 2nd to 8th.  In race one, Roland squeezed ahead of the gaggle taking 4th in the main fleet ahead of Pete and Matt, and in hindsight this was the only interruption in Pete’s clean sweep of Masters victories.

In races two and three, Pete came back strong taking 2nd in the main fleet to Matt’s 3rd and 5th.


As RS700 Masters winner and 2nd in the RS700 main fleet Pete Purkiss clearly demonstrated that at 69, it is possible to both sail and RS700 and to be competitive.

RS Sailing and Hayling Island Sailing Club provided a great event and got maximum benefit from the conditions provided.  Thanks to Rooster for sponsoring our RS700 National Tour.

By Roland Smith

Up on Y&Y here

RS700 Rooster National Tour at RS 30th Anniversary Regatta, 17-19 May at Hayling Island Sailing Club

Next stop on the Rooster National Tour was Hayling Island Sailing Club for the 30th anniversary of RS Sailing. The fleet were promised Sun, Sea and Wind.  After a short postponement and to some amused faces the fleet were sent out into Hayling Bay for a scheduled three races.

Race one: Credit to the race team they didn’t hang around and set about putting the four fleets sharing the course into some racing.  They may however may have been a bit optimistic about the length of the beat with the blue marks seeming a long way away.  The RS700s started third after the RS21s and RS800s so clear air was going to be at a premium.  The gun went and the fleet headed up wind in shroud hugging mode.  The usual suspects went nicely about their work with ‘Pistol Pete’ Purkiss dominating the pin end and John Booth going quickly whichever way he went.  The right-hand side came in slightly allowing the top seven boats to all round the top mark in a bunch.  Matt Conner decided he would give the wing mark a cuddle to allow the rest of the fleet to battle it out.  John as quick downwind as he was up took the win with the course being shortened.  Rob Higgins used being the last of the close bunch to see most of the fleet had gybed off early and snuck in to take a very lucky second from Pete.

Race two: The fleet had switched from shroud hugging to full mast hugging mode in a dying breeze.  Richard Allen who had gone extremely quickly in race one again found his light wind mode and led at the top mark closely followed by John, Rob and Pete.  The course was shortened to allow for two laps.  Rich and John choosing the left gate and Rob and Pete the right.  John made the decision to try and get through the vast wind shadows made by the RS21s make.  This allowed Rich to take the  lead followed by Rob.  John then made an uncharacteristic mistake in trying to gybe off allowing the others to join in the party.  Rich didn’t learn from the previous race and gybed early which allowed Rob and Pete to drift over the line in front of him.  The fleet was glad that the race team put an end to the day and so everyone headed in to join in the RS party.

Race three: After some more postponing and drifting around the wind filled in and the flags went up.  The fleet realised that we might need our harness mode and with this Matt Carter’s eyes lit up as he saw the opportunity to box Rob out at the committee boat end.  However he enjoyed this so much he allowed James Clark to come up underneath him and undo all his good work.  John again sailed nicely, and picked his way through everyone from the middle.  John led and took the win followed by James and a charging Tom Porter.

Race four: Pistol Pete was back after a quiet race by his high 69 year old standards.  He hit the pin end hard… again and flew out of the blocks.  He led the fleet around until the last downwind where he was a sitting duck for the charging John.  John took the win closely followed by Pete and Matt Carter.

Race five: This was the windiest race of the weekend and some straight legs were even seen.  However the story didn’t change much.  Pete led, got over taken by John on the last downwind to continue his impressive display.  Rob limped over the line in third just holding off fellow Chew sailor James Clark.

Congratulations to John Booth who took home a powerful win.  The ever impressive Pete Purkiss lived up to his nickname and showed that age is just a number, taking second and the crown of Master’s Champion.

Thanks to HISC and RS Sailing for a great regatta.  Thank you to Rooster for sponsoring our RS700 National Tour.  Next stop on the tour is Lymington Dinghy Regatta 1-2 June.  

By Rob Higgins

RS700 Class

Sailed: 5, Discards: 1, To count: 4, Entries: 12, Scoring system: Appendix A
Rank Class Fleet Country Sail no Helm Club Helm Name Crew Name Rating Helm Gender Crew Gender(1) Sat R1 Sat R2 Sun R1 Sun R2 Sun R3 Total Nett
1 RS700   United Kingdom (GBR) 1058 Stokes Bay SC John Booth     Male   1.0 (4.0) 1.0 1.0 1.0 8.0 4.0
2 RS700 RS700   1042 Brightlingsea Peter Purkiss   845 Male   3.0 2.0 (6.0) 2.0 2.0 15.0 9.0
3 RS700   United Kingdom (GBR) 1029 Chew Valley Lake Sailing Club Rob Higgins     Male   2.0 1.0 (7.0) 7.0 3.0 20.0 13.0
4 RS700   United Kingdom (GBR) 765 CVLSC James Clark     Male   4.0 (8.0) 2.0 4.0 4.0 22.0 14.0
5 RS700   United Kingdom (GBR) 1055 HISC and ESC Tom Porter     Male   5.0 (6.0) 3.0 5.0 6.0 25.0 19.0
6 RS700   United Kingdom (GBR) 1073 Carsington SC Richard Allen     Male   6.0 3.0 5.0 6.0 (8.0) 28.0 20.0
7 RS700   United Kingdom (GBR) 1068 HISC Roland Smith     Male   7.0 7.0 4.0 (8.0) 7.0 33.0 25.0
8 RS700   United Kingdom (GBR) 1062 Lancing SC Matt Carter     Male   (13.0 DNC) 13.0 DNC 8.0 3.0 5.0 42.0 29.0
9 RS700   United Kingdom (GBR) 1060 Queen Mary SC Matt Conner     Male   8.0 5.0 (9.0) 9.0 9.0 40.0 31.0
10 RS700   United Kingdom (GBR) 1063 CVLSC Elliot Booley     Male   9.0 9.0 (10.0) 10.0 10.0 48.0 38.0
11 RS700 RS700   801 Brightlingsea SC Stephen Carr   845 Male   10.0 10.0 (12.0) 12.0 12.0 56.0 44.0
12 RS700   United Kingdom (GBR) 763 CVLSC Sam Simmonds     Male   (11.0) 11.0 11.0 11.0 11.0 55.0 44.0



Congratulations to Robert Gullan and Tom Partington, RS800 Winners at RS 30th Regatta and to Chris Feibusch and Matt Alvarado, our RS800 Masters Winners!

Masters Results here

Photo Gallery from Digital Sailing here

Full RS 30th Anniversary Regatta Results here

RS800 Rooster National Tour at the RS 30th Birthday Bash, Hayling Island 17-19 May

There was much scratching of heads as the clock ticked for the start of the well anticipated RS 30th Anniversary Regatta on 17th - 19th May at one of our best UK venues on the sandy South coast beach of Hayling Island Sailing Club.  The forecast was about as light and fickle as you can get - at one point XC Weather couldn’t even predict a wind direction and just left a gap in the chart.  With the experience of Tim Hancock leading the race team we knew we were in the best hands possible, so we all braced ourselves for light wind harness groin discomfort, lashings of suncream, new jokes to while away the time and rain gear for the slow drenching we were also expecting.

Friday was Masters Day and a chance to fight for geriatric supremacy.  In fact there were just three RS800s that took up that challenge including David Kelly and Billy Russell all the way from Scotland.  ‘Bonnets’ off to you sirs!  With a single course handicap race there was some good nip and tuck jostling around the course and a tight outcome on points.  Recovering from slightly embarrassingly being beaten over the water by the RS400s in the first race, adjusted handicap results gave the RS800s positions in the second half of the overall fleet - as one might expect for an RS800 on a light wind day.  However within their own battle it was Chris Feibusch and Matt Alvarado achieving golden zimmer frame status with Alistair Hodgson and Ella Spain Just beating David and Billy into 2nd place by one point.

Saturday and Sunday saw a good boost of numbers to 15 for the RS800s with yet more geriatrics turning up, including ex RS800 national Champion Geoff Carveth (20 + years ago!) with Lez Dhonau up against much younger blood and smart minds of the likes of Rob Gullen and Tom Partington, Ben Palmer with Bruna de Queiroz,  49ers Jo and Ben Bradley and of course our own class super coach guru leaders Tom Morris and Guy Fillmore.  It’s great to see lots of good talent and fresh faces to the RS800 class which is spurring the class forward.

Light on our feet the first race finally underway, it was a hunt for the wind and single wiring here and there. With a one lap shorten course finish approaching there was line confusion as the port gate had slipped its way behind the committee boat and was hard to see, resulting in half the fleet having to unwind themselves back round the incorrect starboard gate to make a correct finish.  Some gained, some lost, a few growls but no tears.  Line honours went to the Bradley boys who were right on it.  The second race was sailed masterfully by Chris and Matt to take the gun, before heading home for sunset beers on the balcony, a sumptuous BBQ and a big night with a great band and some terrible shirts.

A raised eyebrow or two was spotted as day two’s ‘go afloat’ signal was given over a virtually windless bay. However all credit to the race team as, after everyone eventually made it to the line, there was a day of gradually increasing sea breeze until the joy of twin wiring arrived and three races were in the bag to make a full series.  There was some great tactical racing and shifting positions, with no one team dominating and only seven points in it across 1st - 7th overall positioning, so that no one was totally clear until official race results, who had championed.

RS Sailing made a great show of the prize giving, talking about their incredible 30 year journey that started with the inspiration of Martin Wadhams and Nick Peters on a beer mat in Cornwall to provide solutions and alternatives to some of the designs of the time.  Infused along the way by many key people, special mention was made of Greg O’Brian of Purple Marine and Jonothan Lewis who motivated so many youngsters through the RS dream, both of whom are no longer with us, leaving this planet far too early. There was an impressive prize pot of goodies and vouchers put together from sponsors Rooster, YachtsandYachting.com, MDL Marinas, Selden, Kingfisher Ropes, RS Sailing Store, Harken and Allen.   Rob Cullen and Tom Partington took the tallest podium, Tom Morris and Guy Fillmore snapping at their heels in second, and Geoff Carveth and Lesley Dhonau in 3rd.  Most coveted prizes were probably for the aforementioned terrible shirts and the grand finale was the ‘All Winners Champagne Hose Down (including corked fizzy drink for the juniors).  Being that there were 17 classes with various categories of winners…. it was quite a soaking!

It was a remarkable multi class event with every RS class represented.  HISC’s organisational expertise kept it flowing from start to finish.  277 boats over five race areas with multiple race courses both in the harbour and out in the bay – that’s a lot of marker buoys! 800 mouths fed with the fine BBQ nosh and friendships old and new enjoyed.  Certainly it was a success in the RS family history…. And not a drop of rain!

Report by Lesley Dhonau

Up on Y&Y here

RS800 Class

Sailed: 5, Discards: 1, To count: 4, Entries: 15, Scoring system: Appendix A
Rank Class Fleet Country Sail no Helm Club Helm Name Crew Name Rating Helm Gender Crew Gender(1) Sat R1 Sat R2 Sun R1 Sun R2 Sun R3 Total Nett
1 RS800   United Kingdom (GBR) 12 HISC Robert GULLAN Tom Partington   Male Male 2.0 (16.0 UFD) 5.0 3.0 3.0 29.0 13.0
2 RS800   United Kingdom (GBR) 1248 Hayling Island Sailing Club Thomas Morris Guy Fillmore   Male Male 3.0 6.0 (16.0 UFD) 4.0 1.0 30.0 14.0
3 RS800   United Kingdom (GBR) 1187 HISC Geoffrey Carveth Lezley Dhonau   Male Female (8.0) 4.0 1.0 6.0 5.0 24.0 16.0
4 RS800   United Kingdom (GBR) 1176 HISC Joe Bradley Ben Bradley   Male Male 1.0 2.0 6.0 (16.0 UFD) 8.0 33.0 17.0
5 RS800   United Kingdom (GBR) 1204 Chichester YC Martin Orton Ian Brooks   Male Male 10.0 3.0 (16.0 UFD) 2.0 2.0 33.0 17.0
6 RS800   United Kingdom (GBR) 1008 HISC Ben Palmer Bruna de Queiroz   Male Female 11.0 (16.0 UFD) 2.0 1.0 4.0 34.0 18.0
7 RS800   United Kingdom (GBR) 1206 Hayling Island Sailing Club Chris Feibusch Matt Alvarado   Male Male 5.0 1.0 (16.0 UFD) 7.0 7.0 36.0 20.0
8 RS800   United Kingdom (GBR) 820 HISC Bryan Ormond Anna Ormond   Male Female 7.0 5.0 3.0 9.0 (10.0) 34.0 24.0
9 RS800   United Kingdom (GBR) 1188 Datchet Water SC Nick Charles Dan Goodman   Male Male 12.0 (16.0 UFD) 4.0 5.0 6.0 43.0 27.0
10 RS800 RS800   1182   David Kelly Billy Russell 799 Male   4.0 7.0 11.0 11.0 (16.0 UFD) 49.0 33.0
11 RS800 RS800   1099   Alistair Hodgson Ella Spain 799 Male   9.0 8.0 8.0 (10.0) 9.0 44.0 34.0
12 RS800   United Kingdom (GBR) 1218 Bowmoor Katy Jenkins Arthur Bailey   Female Male 6.0 9.0 9.0 (16.0 UFD) 12.0 52.0 36.0
13 RS800   United Kingdom (GBR) 1195 Haling Island Sailing Club David Brand Luke Robertson   Male Male (16.0 DNC) 10.0 7.0 8.0 11.0 52.0 36.0
14 RS800   United Kingdom (GBR) 1154 hayling island sailing club HISC Cam Sewart Lucy Hewitson   Male Female 13.0 11.0 10.0 (16.0 DNC) 16.0 DNC 66.0 50.0
15 RS800   United Kingdom (GBR) 1046 Lymington Town Sailing Club William Homewood Frances Daubeny   Male Female (16.0 DNC) 16.0 DNC 16.0 DNC 16.0 DNC 16.0 DNC 80.0 64.0
Refund policy:
If you cancel your entry before the early entry deadline we will refund all fees, minus a £15 admin fee. If you cancel after the early entry deadline, but before online entry closes our standard policy is to return 50% of fees. Where an event entry limit has been reached a refund will only be issued if another boat from the waiting list takes your place. If you cancel after entry closes we will not usually issue a refund.
Please note that where entry is paid directly to the club and for club hosted events a different policy may apply - please contact the club for details.