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05/12/2015 13:59:42

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I'm trying to find out how you can match the hull/sail number to the year the boat was built in? 

07/02/2016 16:49:16

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Hi Pieter,
On the transom, at the fairing, there is a number which starts with GB-LDCV0 then the three digit production number and at mine it is followed by A404. Someone told me that the last two digits are representing the year, so mine was built in 2004. The sail number is perforated underneath the transom gudgeon. In this case the production number and sail number are not equal.
Are you living in the Netherlands? Let me know if you are interested to gather up with fellow Vareo sailors, last september we met with 6 others at Aquavitesse Bruinisse.
Kind regards, Arwin 

07/11/2016 19:17:15

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Hi Arwin, thanks for your reply, which I never saw till now. Apologies for not getting back to you. RS was very helpful and send me the build year.
Born in NL, I moved to Canada some years ago and sail the Vareo in Toronto. Am the only Vareo around here so would love to get together with some other Vareo, Dutch or not! Perhaps some time in NL?
Thanks again, Pieter