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22/09/2016 20:11:57

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Hi everyone!  I am replacing the shrouds on my Vareo 398, and have duly ordered up new ones from the RS Sailing Store.  The new ones, unlike the current ones, have no wichard hooks to snap onto the u-bolts on the hull.  I queried this with RS Sailing Store and they said the shrouds are slightly shorter and have a loop at the end through which I can lash some dyneema or similar to attach to the u-bolt,  The reason being that the wichard hooks are £30 each and the dyneema allows a bit more give in the rig.  Thoughts?  Anyone got a newer Vareo where this is the new normal?

24/09/2016 09:09:20

Nicholas Crickmore
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That is right the hooks were dropped several years back. People usually tie on with very thin rope wrapped around several times - the sort you get at any chandlers on small reels.
Just tied tight enough to take out the slack. You can cover with electrical tape for a tidy job.

26/09/2016 21:31:23

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Brilliant, thanks for clearing that up for me. Can I use shackles at the top end or do I need to drill out the rivets and re-attach using the small brackets?