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19/07/2017 13:19:01

Martin Dyer
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pastingI have been sailing my Vareo 369 for the past 10 years from Brittany and have loved every moment.  However, I recently had a less pleasant experience! 

Gybing with gennaker in 15kts of breeze, capsizing as a consequence of a gust, inverting (for me as normal) but then watching in horror as my dagger board disappeared and fell out of the slot!! (it was attached with the elastic cord and so I was able to recover it eventually)

BUT there was no way in the conditions in which I could right the boat and I had to be towed in!!!!! For shame!!!
Given my position offshore I was very fortunate to be rescued actually.

This has never happened to me before and I really don't want it to happen again.

I should appreciate any thoughts you might have on this and how to stop it happening again!

Worn dagger board? Original with the boat
Worn elastic? Ditto
Worn velcro on the slot??
All of the above??

12/08/2017 13:22:00

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my guess is "Worn velcro on the slot"

I use a rope, additionally (along with the elastic), to limit the dagger board movement - reason:
there is a lot of seagrass (kindof) in my area, I have to pull out the dagger board quite often to clear it;
and often, I pulled it out too far. As a side effect, I damaged the velcro to a point where it came off and the dagger moved without resistance,
ie I was not able to pull it up just a bit, because it slid down again immediately.
At first I used a colour mark on the dagger board to know how far I need to pull it out, but then the rope makes it easier - just pull to the max without thinking or looking.

28/06/2018 07:24:00

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Thanks for your kind reply Christian - only just come across this one year later.
I think you are correct about the velcro but I did buy another board as well second hand - only trouble with this is that it will not fit in the slot!!!!  Will require some serious sanding I think
On another note, do you know what is happening with the Vareo now please since RS are no longer supporting?

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