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26/07/2017 09:32:00

Peter H
Posts: 3
I am looking to buy a Vareo but there are few about. The 2 I enquired about last this week have been sold. 
Is anyone thinking of selling or knows of anyone that is selling?
Many thanks 

04/09/2017 10:24:00

Ian Hayhoe
Posts: 2
Hi Peter,
I have a Vareo that I am not sailing at the moment.  It's berthed at Grafham Water.
It was bought new from LDC in April 2008.  I've been meaning to get back sailing the Vareo, but also have a catamaran there that better suits my reducing agility!  If you're still interested in getting hold of a Vareo, I would be happy to send you more details.    

09/09/2017 21:09:00

Peter H
Posts: 3
Hi Ian
Sorry only just seen your reply. Thank you but I bought one now.

16/09/2017 11:26:00

Posts: 1
Hi Ian
Are you still thinking of selling your Vareo? If so I would be interested in any details. I was planning on joining GWSC in the spring so the location couldn't be better.

23/12/2017 00:45:00

Posts: 1
Vareo 236 berthed in New Quay West Wales for sale.  
(With new style boom rigging and asymmetric sock)  

16/01/2018 10:45:00

Ian Hayhoe
Posts: 2
Hi Conor, The Vareo is still at Grafham.  I can send details or arrange for you to have a look if you’re interested.

Best wishes, Ian

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