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09/03/2018 21:48:00

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I bought a boat with no daggerboard fuzz (just a loose bit of Velcro). Just received fuzz but where is it best fitted? Top bit under lip at inboard (upper) end of slot seems best.  Bottom bit- should it be inside daggerboard cavity say an inch inside or flush with outer surface of hull?  Obvious I’m sure if you have seen a boat with it fitted, but not to me. Anyone help?

10/03/2018 08:15:00

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just to be sure that we are talking about the same Fluff:
I would align it with the hull at both ends (I used additional adhesive), but make sure it doesn't overlap at the bottom.
imo it's best to cut a full length and start to fix it from the aft round the front and back again. so that the loose ends meet at the narrow back and not the wider front.
Additionally I put some  fluff vertically in, starting just above the bottom fluff - think of the following:
if you put your centerboard in half way, it is not "locked" sideways, there is room to move it left and right (at  least for me)
By pulling it to one side and moving it down, you can easily scrape off the bottom fluff gradually
Putting in some fluff vertically provides some kind of lead, protecting the upper edge of the bottom fluff.
Sounds perhaps weird :-) - bottom looks like _|_|_ 
I hope this makes sense ... 

10/03/2018 19:02:00

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Yes - fluff (it was late when I posted)!
Thanks very much for your clear explanation this seems very useful I didn’t think of the vertical fluff.

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