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Mark Somerville

I grew up at Bassenthwaite Sailing Club (where I am now Vice Commodore) and started seriously racing when I got my first crewing job in a mirror.  I moved onto toppers then spent a long time racing lasers before crewing GP14’s competing at various National’s and World’s in these classes.  I then moved into the RS 400 fleet then the RS vareo class after my crew was injured.

 I went on to compete and win the Nationals in 2012 and more recently in 2013 at my home club.

Racing tips:  Time on the water, hike harder and get out there and do open meetings.

Nick Crickmore


I only started sailing in my 20s to help a work colleague, but I was soon hooked and moved from keelboat crew to a dinghy of my own - Laser, Merlin then RS400.  Following from this, for me the obvious choice back into single handers was the RS Vareo.
I have sailed RS Vareos for about 10 years now and have been a regular on the RS circuit.

How to win the Nationals?
I am by no means a sailing superstar and I have no special tricks to share.  My only advice would be to learn by competing against other RS Vareo sailors.
On this occasion I had just the right combination of a well-sorted boat, the right sailing conditions to favour my weight, experience and sailing style and an element of luck so that when things didn't go my way my 'tactical gambles' paid off.
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