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RS Fat Face Racing Circuit Hayling Island SC

  • RS Vareo at 2016 Dinghy Show
The Vareos racing at Hayling Island Sailing Club enjoyed lovely summer conditions last Sunday. A nice steady wind ranging from F2 to F4 that lasted all day meant that no particular helm weight had a significant advantage and so sailing skill dominated. The start line was shared with a Solo fleet and it was decided that a trapezoidal course would best suit both classes. The first race was rather processional but a group of powerboats passing close-by generated waves big enough to cause some unusual amusement, especially for the ‘pond’ sailors! During the second race Richard Oliver made a great gain on one leg, managing to move from 5th to 1st position going downwind and worrying Luke Fisher, both members of Milton Keynes Sailing Club. Then it was Christopher Froehlich’s turn to challenge Luke, staying ahead on the reach but Luke regained the lead on a run. The racing was actually quite close amongst the group and provided a great days entertainment for all. Overall positions after the 3 races were Luke Fisher in first, Richard Oliver in second, and Christopher Froehlich of Burghfield SC in third. Richard Kemp-Sale of Brightlingsea was a new face at this Vareo open and achieved a creditable fourth place overall, that included 2nd place in the last race. Thanks go to HISC for providing the Vareos with a great venue, smooth race management, wind and sunshine!
1st 210 Luke Fisher Milton Keynes SC 1 1 1 3 2nd 240 Richard Oliver MKSC 2 3 3 8 3rd 162 Christopher Froehlich Burghfield SC 3 2 5 10 4th 287 Richard Kemp-Sale Brightlingsea 4 5 2 11 5th 208 John Lapes Bristol Corinthian 6 4 4 14 6th 238 Neil Marshall HISC 5 6 6 17 7th 179 Eddie McDonald Whitefriars SC 7 8 7 22 8th 138 Haversham 8 7 RET 27 9th 139 David Watson HISC 9 9 RET 30 10th 192 Michael Long RET DNC RET 36 10th 248 Kevin Taylor HISC DNC DNC RET 36
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