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Gul RS Vareo Grand Prix Weston SC

  • RS Vareo at 2016 Dinghy Show
On the 10th and 11th July the Vareo fleet visited Weston Sailing Club for the latest Gul Grand Prix event. Perfect conditions were forecast with camping and evening meal included in the entry fee. Then one wonders why such a poor turnout of 9 boats entered when the discussion forum seems to generate so much talk and so little action. Anyhow onto the sailing, those that did sail had a very enjoyable weekend with some slick handling by the race officer with force 3 to 4 South Westerly’s and temperatures of 26 degrees.

Race 1 saw Mark Williams tack onto Port shortly after the gun. This seemed to pay off as both he and Andy Temple extended a lead that the rest of the fleet were unable to close. This left the race for 3rd between Andrew Wilson and Nigel Tinkler. Andrew eventually came out on top and then there was a gap to the next boat. On the final run Andy hardened up to do another lap and Mark very sportingly informed him he was going the wrong way so he changed direction, hoisted his kite to take 1st, Mark 2nd and Andrew 3rd.

Race 2 was a close battle between Andy, Mark, Andrew and Nigel. The lead changed between all four of them at some point of the race. On the final run Nigel managed to sink lower than Andy and gybe into the leeward mark with an inside overlap to take 1st, Andy 2nd, Andrew 3rd and Mark 4th.

Race 3, Andy with his superior upwind speed again hit the windward mark 1st followed by Mark and Anthony Paine 3rd. Mark sailed off in the wrong direction and Anthony decided to repay the earlier favour that Mark gave Andy and corrected him. Honours even between Llandegfedd and Broadstairs! Anthony lost out a bit on the run and Andrew fought his way back up the fleet into contention. The finish was Andy 1st, Mark 2nd and Nigel 3rd.

Winds on Sunday were lighter but the good weather continued. Race 4 which produced the most consistent wind of the day saw Andy again power up the long beat and maintain his lead. Mark was showing consistency and chalked up another 2nd and Nigel 3rd.

Race 5 produced something slightly different. Mark, Nigel and Anthony fought it out up the first beat. On the run down Nigel and Mark broke away a bit and Anthony had a battle with Andy and Andrew for 3rd. After numerous lead changes Nigel was 1st, Mark 2nd and Anthony managed to repel boarders and was 3rd.

The Vareos finished well before the other fleets and requested an immediate start for the last race, which the race officer very obligingly agreed to. This was definitely a race of ‘two halves.’ Andrew got away in a drifter and managed to get around the windward mark well ahead of everyone else. Because of the increasing tide those stuck on the beat were doomed. By the time everyone had rounded the buoy the fleet was well spread out. Then the wind returned with a bit more Northerly in it. A fantastic kite reach between the buoys ensued but by that time the positions were already decided. Andrew 1st, Andy 2nd and Mark 3rd.

A great weekend runs by a well organised and friendly club. Well done Weston. Final results were Andy a well deserve red 1st, Mark 2nd and Nigel 3rd.
Results to follow
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