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GUL RS National Championships Filey SC

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2005 RS VAREO NATIONALS – day 2 After day one’s disappointment of fog and no racing the wind and visibility were back for day two. A north westerly 2 to 3 with rolling waves and surf was going to test everyone – even getting out through the surf proved difficult for some. Two races were sailed back to back. The fleet got away first time with Carl Whitehead clear of the fleet at the windward mark followed by Chris Kirkland and Richard Kemp-Salt. Three rounds were sailed with boats surfing down the swell at great speed. At the finish Carl was 1st, Chris 2nd and Richard 3rd. The second race a group of four boats took a port flyer with Tim Greenwood leading. He held to the finish with Chris Larr 2nd and Carl Whitehead 3rd. The fleet were sent ashore for lunch with the prospect of two more races back to back in the afternoon. Fed and watered the fleet returned to the water for race three. A short delay to adjust the course and the fleet started cleanly. Team Filey were 1, 2 and 3 at the windward mark with Carl 1st, James Whitehead 2nd and Colin Aldred 3rd. Some local knowledge of sailing in waves kept them clear of the fleet and after 3 rounds that was how they finished with Chris Larr pushing hard in 4th. Race 4 started with a fleet piled up at the pin end. After a wind shift James Whitehead got clear with Martin Barratt 2nd and Chris Larr 3rd. Passing opportunities were reduced as the wind shifted further making the beat a fetch. Martin got in front of James briefly but James pipped him at the finish with Chris Larr 3rd. The fleet went ashore to enjoy the evening BBQ and some well earned beers. Overall after Day 2:- 1st Carl Whitehead Filey Sailing Club 5 points 2nd James Whitehead Filey Sailing Club 8 points 3rd Chris Larr Grafham Sailing Club 9 points 2005 RS VAREO NATIONALS – day 3 A fresh northeasterly force 4 greeted the fleet for the start of the final days racing. 3 Races were scheduled back to back. The fleet left the beach to be met by a lumpy sea which reduced the numbers on the start line as some found conditions difficult. Race 7 started cleanly. Most of the fleet were at the port end. Larr got clean away and a battle for 2nd and 3rd started between Aldred, Kemp- Salt and C Whitehead. At the finish it was Larr, Aldred, C Whitehead. A number of capsizes down wind lead to a few retirements. Race 8 took a similar pattern with Larr and C Whitehead clear and J Whitehead and Kemp-Salt battling for 3rd. With a large sea the beats became energy zapping and on the last run Larr tipped it in, righted and decided his lead was big enough to single sail to the finish. C Whitehead gybed and powered down hoping to pip Larr at the finish. Larr had to hoist the kite and just held on for 1st, C Whitehead 2nd and Richard Kemp-Salt 3rd. One point separated the top two going into the final race. At the first mark C Whitehead lead Larr only for Larr to overhaul him down wind. Larr capsized on the second downwind leg letting Whitehead through which he held to finish. Larr having to pass two boats to claim 2nd. So at the finish C Whitehead 1st, Larr 2nd and J Whitehead 3rd. So at the end of a grueling Nationals Carl Whitehead was the new Vareo National Champion. 1st Carl Whitehead Filey 11 Points 2nd Chris Larr Grafham 13 Points 3rd James Whitehead Filey 20 Points 4th Colin Aldred Filey 24 Points 5th Tim Greenwood Bristol Corinthian 36 Points 1st Master Christopher Kirk Queen Mary 1st Youth Andrew Trigg Burghfield
Sailwave results for Gul RS Vareo Nationals 2005 Filey Sailing Club

Filey Sailing Club
Gul RS Vareo Nationals 2005

Gul RS Vareo National Championship Results 2005

Sailed: 7  Discards: 1  Ratings: PY

Rank Fleet Sail No Helm Club R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 Nett Notes
1st Gold 399 Carl Whitehead Filey 1.0 3.0 1.0 12.0 3.0 2.0 1.0 11.0  
2nd Gold 361 Chris Larr Grafham 6.0 2.0 4.0 3.0 1.0 1.0 2.0 13.0  
3rd Gold 265 James Whitehead Filey 5.0 7.0 2.0 1.0 5.0 4.0 3.0 20.0  
4th Gold 326 Colin Aldred Filey 4.0 4.0 3.0 11.0 2.0 6.0 5.0 24.0  
5th Gold 261 Tim Greenwood Bristol Corinthian 7.0 1.0 8.0 6.0 8.0 14.0 6.0 36.0  
6th Gold 228 Christopher Kirk Queen Mary 2.0 8.0 10.0 8.0 10.0 7.0 4.0 39.0 Master
7th Gold 287 Richard Kemp-Salt Brightlingsea 3.0 9.0 11.0 16.0 4.0 3.0 9.0 39.0 Master
8th Gold 403 Steve Carr Hardway 11.0 5.0 5.0 4.0 7.0 9.0 10.0 40.0  
9th Gold 390 Nigel Tinkler Llandegfedd 8.0 6.0 6.0 9.0 11.0 10.0 7.0 46.0 Master
10th Gold 346 Geoff Shaw Roadford 9.0 10.0 14.0 10.0 14.0 12.0 11.0 66.0 Master
11th Silver 334 Nicholas Crickmore Waveney & Oulton Broad 14.0 16.0 13.0 18.0 12.0 11.0 8.0 74.0  
12th Silver 359 Ian Rand Brancaster Staithe 15.0 14.0 18.0 13.0 9.0 8.0 DNC 77.0  
13th Gold 162 Christopher Froehlich (M) Burghfield 17.0 11.0 9.0 7.0 17.0 DNC DNC 88.0  
14th Silver 402 Scott Butler Hardway 16.0 12.0 DNC DNC 6.0 5.0 DNC 93.0  
15th Gold 206 David Machin Netley 12.0 13.0 12.0 5.0 DNC DNC DNC 96.0  
16th Silver 179 Eddie McDonald Burghfield 18.0 18.0 20.0 19.0 13.0 13.0 DNC 101.0  
17th Silver 354 Martin Barrett Craven 13.0 DNC 7.0 2.0 DNC DNC DNC 103.0 Master
18th Gold 215 John Price Filey 10.0 15.0 22.0 14.0 DNC DNC DNC 115.0 Master
19th Silver 383 Nigel Tebbutt Haversham 19.0 19.0 19.0 17.0 16.0 RTD DNC 117.0 Master
20th Silver 425 Paul Nurser Rickmansworth 20.0 20.0 15.0 15.0 DNC DNC DNC 124.0  
21st Silver 156 Andrew Trigg Burghfield DNC 17.0 16.0 20.0 DNC DNC DNC 134.0 Youth
22nd Silver 207 David Bates Datchet RTD DNC 17.0 DNC 15.0 DNC DNC 140.0  
23rd Silver 208 David Syme Loch Tummel 22.0 22.0 21.0 21.0 DNC DNC DNC 140.0 Master
24th Silver 166 Steve Oerton Draycote 21.0 21.0 23.0 22.0 DNC DNC DNC 141.0  
25th Silver 205 Gavin Stevens Ripon DNC DNC DNC DNC DNC DNC DNC 162.0 Master
25th Silver 173 David Hodgson Scaling Dam DNC DNC DNC DNC DNC DNC DNC 162.0 Master

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