Czech Republic
United Kingdom

The Boat


Length4250mm / 14ft
Beam1570mm / 5ft 2in
Hull Weight68kg / 155lb
Sailing Weight93kg / 205lb
Mainsail(Fun) 8m2 / 85sq ft - (Competition) 8.8m2 / 94sq ft
Kite10m2 / 107sq ft
Hull ConstructionPolyester GRP with Coremat
FoilsReinforced PU moulded daggerboard and lifting rudder
MastComposite top and alloy lower mast.
BoomAluminium alloy
BowspritAluminium alloy
DesignerPhil Morrison

PY numbers updated March 18 see:


NameLengthDiameterTypePt No
Forward Toestrap Rope2 x 0.5m5mm8 Plait Pre-StretchKPS05
Aft Toestrap Rope0.3m5mm8 Plait Pre-StretchKPS05
Toestrap Shockcord1.5m5mmShockcordKS305
Kicker Purchase Rope2m4mmEvolution RacingKKD04
Kicker Tail Rope4m5mmEvolution PerformanceKCL05
Downhaul Purchase Rope0.75m5mmEvolution PerformanceKCL05
Downhaul Tail Rope3.5m5mmEvolution PerformanceKCL05
Outhaul Part 12m4mm8 Plait Pre-StretchKPS04
Outhaul Part 22.5m4mm8 Plait Pre-StretchKPS04
Mainsheet Bridle1.4m4mmEvolution RacingKKD04
Spinnaker Sheet9.5m6mmEvolution BraidKBB06
Spinnaker Chute Aft0.3m5mmShockcordKS305
Spinnaker Block Rope2 x 0.2m4mm8 Plait Pre-StretchKPS04
Spinnaker Turning Block Rope0.3m4mm8 Plait Pre-StretchKPS04
Mainsheet10m8mmEvolution BraidKBB08
Bowsprit Outhaul1.1m4mm8 Plait Pre-StretchKPS04
Bowsprit Cascade2.4m4mm8 Plait Pre-StretchKPS04
Spinnaker Tack Line1.7m4mm8 Plait Pre-StretchKPS04
Spinnaker Halyard15.85m4mm8 Plait Pre-StretchKPS04
Main Halyard13m4.5mmKevlar2HM
Dagger Board Leash0.6m5mmShockcordKS305
Main Halyard Leash0.4m4mmShockcordKS304
Rudder Downhaul Line1.5m5mm8 Plait Pre-StretchKPS05
Dagger Board Handle0.6m8mmEvolution BraidKBB08
Gybing Strop0.8m8mmEvolution BraidKBB08
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