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  • Crewsaver EOS Champs
  • 2012 RS EOS Champs
  • Llandegfedd Open 2013
  • RS 10th Anniversary Ball
  • RS200 Eurocup, YC Carnac, May 2018
  • RS200 Eurocup, YC Carnac, May 2018
  • Weir Wood 2021
  • Weir Wood 2021
  • Weir Wood 2021
GUL RS RACING CIRCUIT AT ROYAL TORBAY YC AND PAIGNTON SC- JUNE 16/17. The GUL RS Racing Circuit hit Torbay in a big way on June 16/17 with three courses spread across the bay. The RS200's and 600's launched from Paignton Beach with Paignton SC running their course. The RS300's, 400's and 800's launched off Torre Abbey Sands in Torquay and the Royal Torbay YC managed their two courses. With the sunshine and fresh breezes of Sunday the boats were a spectacular sight downwind from the shore with multi coloured spinnakers everywhere in the bay. The weather was some of the most varied imaginable. As the fleets rigged on Saturday morning there was a steady moderate breeze from the NW. As the fleets launched this wind started to drop and it soon became apparent that something big was brewing to the south of Brixham. As thunder started to rumble under very large, very nasty and very wet looking black clouds, the fleets prepared for a huge downpour. Luckily the clouds took one look at Paignton and rumbled off out to sea causing mayhem with the wind in the process. Poor Race Officers Ken Falcon, John Haslam and Peter Rumbelow then spent over an hour moving the windward marks round every compass point as the wind went NE, SE, then S quickly followed by SW before going back to W to NW. Eventually the wind settled down around a mean direction of NW around a force 3-4. There were though some big slants and patchs in the wind, which gave some snakes and ladders racing. The Race Officers though did very well to fit in three good races despite not being able to start until 15.00. The fleets, although not happy at sitting around, knew full well there was nothing the Race Officers could have done to start racing earlier. Sunday was a lot kinder, the wind stayed in the NW all day, built slowly so that full on racing took place in force 4-5 under generally blue skies and plenty of sunshine. It was a blistering good day and many very tired but happy bunnies left after prize giving's at 16.00. You knew it had been a good weekend; there was many a good word for the race management teams. RS200's The leading helms of the 34 strong RS200 fleet were as one in raving about the racing and conditions at Paignton. Although two boats dominated, Tom Hewitson and Jon Lewis winning all six races between them, they were both keen to emphasis how hard they had been pushed by a fleet that is developing more depth with every event. Lewis/Lizzie Humphries gained the initial advantage by winning race 1 from father/son team of Mark and Samuel Littlejohn. Simon Gillow/Vicky Smith read the first beat correctly to lead race 2 but lost out to Tom and Jo Hewitson downwind, Lewis recovered to finish second with the Littlejohn's third and Gillow fourth. Lewis rounded off a good day with another race win with the Hewitsons second. Sundays racing started on time, which caught out quite a few people; Ken Falcon was Race Officer and the fleet should have known better. Normal service was immediately resumed when Lewis just gained the overlap at the final mark to win from the Hewitsons. The Hewitsons victory in race 5 set up a tense final race showdown. Lewis held the early advantage but the Hewitsons got through downwind and never looked like giving up their lead. Steve Dunn/Lucy Davey in a new boat were by now finding real boat speed and claimed second with Lewis slipping to third giving overall victory by a point to the Hewitsons. The Littlejohn's in third overall are obviously going to be a force in 200's whilst 200 old hands Dave and Nikki Derby (sorry Nikki) are straight on the pace in their brand new boat, number 700, with six top six results. Paul and Caroline Fisk slipped a little on Sunday but are well in contention on the GUL RS Racing Circuit. The Hewitsons have 4pts counting three out of four events; the Fisks are only just behind with 6pst. You have the feeling that Lewis is still going to have a lot to say (he normally does) about where who will eventually win the circuit. Pete Vincent.
GUL RS200 RACING CIRCUIT EVENT PAIGNTON SC, JUNE 16/17 1. 655 Tom Hewitson Jo Hewitson 7pts 2. 654 Jon Lewis Lizzie Humphries 8pts 3. 520 Mark Littlejohn Samuel Littlejohn 16pts 4. 700 Dave Derby Nikki Derby 19pts 5. 626 Paul Fisk Caroline Fisk 28 6. 696 Steve Dunn Luck Davey 29 7. 264 Chris Jenkins Rachael Jenkins 35 8. 553 Paul Fox Adam Fox 47 9. 622 Ian Pickard Trudie Danbury 48 10. 417 Ralph Singleton Sophie Singleton 57 11. 364 Simon Gillow Vickie Smith 58 12. 581 Mike Chapman Tracey Hill 64 13. 529 Martin English Bridget Cooke 69 14. 593 Pat Fillery 72 15. 602 Chris Woodard 73 16. 604 Simon Davis 73 17. 334 Jane Robertson 76 18. 591 Neil McLellan 82 19. 676 Dave Milner 91 20. 669 Sally Potter 103 21. 446 Cameron Hunter 105 22. 695 Chris Howarth 107 23. 341 Nathan Staley 109 24. 637 Sarah Taylor 114 25. 641 Philip Johnson 115 26. 548 Bonnie Moody 117 27. 590 Alan Perry 119 28. Natalie Rogers 125 29. Nygel Gardner 132 30. Paul Dorer 134 31. Chris Tofts 147 32. Jules Rains 157 33. Bill Carlton 159 34. Shona Brooks 165
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