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Results : RS Vareo Magic Marine Grand Prix

Final RS Vareo Magic Marine Grand Prix Results After Five Events



In a tightly fought contest the Grand Prix was decided on the last event.  Andy Howard's 2nd place at Llandegfedd together with his win at Tata meant that he was able to hold 2015 National Champion Nick Crickmore off by 2 clear points.  Cheryl Wood came 3rd and deserves special mention for the most miles travelled as an RS Vareo racer this year.  Kevin and Paul Whitehead, latecomers to the Grand Prix (welcome!) made their presence known with 4th and 5th respectively.


Your 2016 calendar is being worked on as you read this and will be published as soon as possible.  The 2016 Grand Prix will have 2 events to count again.  You will need to be a RS Vareo Class Association member in order to be eligible for the prizes.


Happy RS Vareo sailing this Autumn!


PS Great photo of Cheryl Wood at South Cerney Asymmetric Open thanks to Dave Whittle.

  Magic Marine RS Vareo Grand Prix Results, 2015  
Helm Sail number Club Winter champs Tata Great North
South Cerney Llandegfedd Total Net Position
14-Mar 18-Apr 25-Apr 06-Jun 19-20 Sep
Andy Howard 565 Llandegfedd DNC 1 DNC DNC 2 3 20 1
Nick Crickmore 165 Waverny & Oulten 2 DNC DNC DNC 3 5 21 2
Cheryl Wood 579 Pennine 3 3 DNC 3 13 6 6 3
Kevin Weatherhead 547 South Cerney DNC DNC DNC 2 6 8 21 4
Peter Weatherhead 306 South Cerney DNC DNC DNC 8 16 24 27 5
Matt Yallop 162 Middle Nene 1 DNC DNC DNC DNC   20  
Mark Govier 607 Tata DNC 5 DNC DNC DNC   24  
Andrew Appleton 658 South Cerney DNC DNC DNC 5 DNC   24  
Chris McCormack 649 South Cerney DNC DNC DNC 6 DNC   25  
Tony Bamforth 132 Annandale DNC DNC 1 DNC DNC   20  
Tom Harris 356 South Cerney DNC DNC DNC 1 DNC   20  
John Lockett 285 Tata DNC 2 DNC DNC DNC   21  
Stephen Kirckpatrick 302 Bassenthwaite DNC DNC 2 DNC DNC   21  
Hugh Godfrey 103 Bassenthwaite DNC DNC 3 DNC DNC   22  
Gordon Evans 583 Tata DNC 4 DNC DNC DNC   23  
Simon Nichol 396 Chester DNC DNC 4 DNC DNC   23  
Nick Buxton 486 South Cerney DNC DNC DNC 4 DNC   23  
Alan Clarke 275 Tata DNC 6 DNC DNC DNC   25  
Adam Ferguson 456 South Cerney DNC DNC DNC 7 DNC   26  


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