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Posted: 15/11/2006
Mainsheet Traveller; can be tensioned to increase upwind performance in stronger winds
Posted: 19/08/2006
Photo guide for kicker & cunningham rigging
Posted: 19/08/2006
Photo based mainsheet rigging guide
Posted: 19/08/2006
Photo based guide for the spinnaker halyard

Vareo Rope Lengths

Posted: 25/04/2006
Here you go, a list of many of the rope lengths.......
Forward Toestrap Rope Pre-Stretched 6mm @ 2 x 0.5m
Aft Toestrap Rope Pre-Stretched 6mm @ 0.3m
Toestrap Shockcord
Kicker Purchase Rope Excel Racing 4mm @ 2m
Kicker Tail Rope Excel Pro 5mm @ 4m
Downhaul Purchase Rope Excel Pro 5mm @ 0.75m
Downhaul Tai lRope Excel Pro 5mm @ 3.5m
Outhaul Pre-Stretched 5mm @ 2.7m
Mainsheet Bridle Excel Racing 4mm @ 1.4m
Spinnaker Sheet Excel Pro 6mm @ 15.85m
Spinnaker Chute Aft Shockcord 5mm @ 0.3m
Spinnaker Block Rope Pre-Stretched 4mm @ 2 x 0.2m
Spinnaker Turning Block Rope Pre-Stretched 4mm @ 0.3m
Mainsheet Excel Pro 8mm @ 10m
Bowsprit Outhaul Pre-Stretched 4mm @ 1.1m
Bowsprit Cascade Pre-Stretched 4mm @ 2.4m
Spinnaker Tack Line Pre-Stretched 4mm @ 1.7m
Spinnaker Halyard Prestretched 4mm @ 15.85m
Main Halyard Kevlar 4.5mm @ 12.5m
Dagger Board Leash Shockcord 5mm @ 0.6m
Main Halyard Leash Shockcord 4mm @ 0.4m
Rudder Downhaul Line Pre-Stretched 5mm @ 1.5m
Dagger Board Handle 16 Plait Matt 8mm @ 0.6m
Gybing Strop Excel Pro 8mm @ 0.8m

Internal Photos

Posted: 13/09/2004

Getting the most from your RS Vareo

Posted: 11/06/2012
Getting the most from your RS Vareo

Getting the most from your Vareo

Posted: 13/11/2008
How to join the two ends of rope together on your kicker
Posted: 10/06/2005

Posted: 11/02/2004

Posted: 11/02/2004

Posted: 11/02/2003
Click Here for the RS Vareo Owners Manual.
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