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RS Fat Face Racing Circuit Bristol Corinthain YC

  • RS Vareo at 2016 Dinghy Show
Two days of smashing spring weather awaited the Vareos at Bristol Corinthian YC last weekend, where the Fat Face circuit event was held on a large reservoir with the Mendip hills and Cheddar Gorge as a backdrop. Winds on Saturday were F3-4, with a few gusts for extra entertainment. Winds on Sunday were a more relaxing F2-3, with some big holes and shifts making the races something of a lottery. Luke Fisher maintained his winning form, gaining first place overall. Martin Barrett deserved a prize just for travelling all the way from Yorkshire, taking around 5 hours; second place and some very close racing with Luke were some consolation. A new face in a Vareo, John Lapes of BCYC, steadily improved his form over the weekend, culminating in wins for races 5 and 6 and third place overall. Another new face was Tim Greenwood of Chew Valley SC who has come from sailing a Laser. His Vareo was easily identified by a striking all black spinnaker, skull and cross- bones are on order! As Class Rep, it is very encouraging seeing new faces appearing at each event and also the amount of interest that the Vareo is continuing to generate. Pity that I disabled myself from sailing on Sunday by misjudging a port/starboard situation on Saturday and discovering that the corner of a Vareo transom is much harder than my skinny torso! Moral: if in doubt tack. Graham Cooper
1st 210 Luke Fisher Milton Keynes S C 1 1 2 1 4 3 8.0 2nd 142 Martin Barrett Craven S C 5 2 1 2 3 2 10.0 3rd 239 John Lapes Bristol Corinthian Y C 6 8 5 4 1 1 17.0 4th 208 Stephen Robertson Bowmoor S C 8 3 3 3 6 7 22.0 5th 162 Christopher Froehlich not known 4 9 9 5 2 5 25.0 6th 261 Tim Greenwood Chew Valley S C DNC 5 6 8 5 4 28.0 7th 221 Robin Sanders Chase S C 7 4 8 7 7 8 33.0 8th 161 Simon Chapman Chew Valley S C 3 7 4 DNC DNC DNC 36.0 9th 193 Graham Cooper Bradford-on -Avon S C 2 6 7 DNC DNC DNC 37.0 10th 154 Mike Sheehan Bristol Corinthian Y C 9 DNF DNF 6 8 6 40.0
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