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Parkstone YC

    Report – Day Two: July 28


    Weather on Saturday could not have been more different from Day 1 – both in terms of absolute wind strength and variability.  From R4-6 the wind increased gradually from F2 up to F4, providing welcome conditions for those sailors who had struggled on Friday.   R7 however was to deal a big surprise just after the leading boats started their final downwind leg – the wind just dropped to F1 and saw the leaders at that point spread out on both tacks and not finding sufficient strength to go as low as desired.   The remainder of the fleet took note and the majority opted for the dead run minus kite.  Consequently there was quite an upset in the final placings for the last race of the day.  Paul Childs notched up 1st place in the first race although his rivals who had done better on Friday made consistent good placings in R4 + 5.   The general upset in R7 resulted in a reshuffling of the lead but at this point Andy Temple, Chris Larr, and Alain Sign were still very much head to head.  Larr’s retention of the Seasure Golden Tiller from Day 1 to 2 was beginning to look as though it may be permanent.



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