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RS200 Boat Register / History

The boat register history has been built up over many years by owners of the boats entering their own details. If you see a boat number missing or a boat that you have previously owned but the entry is not there, please enter the details as a new entry.
This helps people when purchasing used boats as well as helping us build events calendars closer to the active fleets.
Boat Not Listed?

CountrySail NoOwnerPurchasedClub
GBR1707Paul Freeland27/09/2019Llandegfedd Sailing Club
GBR1686Tom Morris01/02/2019Hayling Island Sailing Club
GBR1681Hugo Fisher21/05/2020Itchenor Sailing Club
GBR1678Camilla Bullock17/06/2020Itchenor SC
AFG1676Paul Cullen 01/06/2018Weirwood
GBR1670Ollie Holden02/09/2020HISC
GBR1668Stuart Urquhart14/12/2017Royal Findhorn Yacht Club
GBR1667Oliver Turner23/11/2017Starcross Yacht Club
Isle of Man1664Phil Hardisty28/01/2018Isle of Man Yacht Club
GBR1662Sophie Dawson01/02/2018Royal Corinthian
GBR1659David Jessop15/08/2017QMSC
GBR1655Anthony Compton23/06/2017St Marys Loch Sailing Club
GBR1654Mike Warwicker30/06/2017Bough beech SC
GBR1653Peter HudsonGrafham
GBR1643George Yeoman03/12/2016Itchenor SC
GBR1638Kevin Woolnough16/10/2016Seafarers Sailing Club
AFG1635Andrew Barnett19/08/2016Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club
GBR1631Martin Penty01/06/2016Beaver Sailing Club
GBR1630Stuart Campbell01/06/2016Redesmere Sailing Club
GBR1621Henry Hallam17/08/2019St Mawes Sailing Club
GBR1620Lol Hayward11/12/2015Staunton Harold Sailing Club
GBR1617Alex Curtis + Raffi Gracie18/11/2018Queen Mary SC
GBR1616Cath Longhurst and Tracey Newman07/11/2015Locks Sailing Club
GBR1615Emma Norris14/10/2015Burghfield Red Wharf Bay Sailing Club
GBR1613Stefan Bennett08/10/2015Frensham Pond SC
GBR1604Matt Venables01/04/2015Sutton SC
GBR1600Rheanna Pavey17/12/2015Stour SC/Alton Water SC
GBR1588Peter Fletcher01/09/2019Welton
GBR1586Ben Stone01/08/2018Waldringfield Sailing Club
GBR1585Anthony Wilkinson13/07/2018Parkstone
GBR1581Mark Adrian Corbett27/01/2015Reading
Guernsey1573Henrik Asplund02/12/2015Guernsey Yacht Club
GBR1560Jon Ward26/02/2014Budworth SC
GBR1552Owain Hughes12/12/2016Parkstone
GBR1551Cathy Partington24/11/2017Leigh & Lowton SC
GBR1549Tim Saxton01/10/2014Itchenor/Burghfield
GBR1540Lee Sydenham20/05/2019HISC
GBR1538Martin Penty01/05/2013Beaver Sailing Club
GBR1534Rob milligan13/03/2015Ballyholme Yacht Club
GBR1527Alastair Wilson22/08/2020Rickmansworth Sailing Club
AUS1523Gary McLennan01/08/2014Black Rock YC
AUS1522Lara Blasse01/10/2012Black Rock Yacht Club
GBR1511Mike ChapmanPevensey Bay Sailing Club
GBR1510Darren McNamara08/06/2012Bristol Corinthian YC
GBR1508George Yeoman25/08/2013Itchenor SC
AUS1502David Clancy15/10/2013Black Rock Yacht Club
AUS1501James Kershaw and Sonja Ahrens25/04/2013Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron
AUS1499Tim Grogan22/09/2012Black Rock Yacht Club
IRL1495Ellie Aneiros and Matthew Aneiros 05/02/2017RCYC
GBR1493Rachel Spain01/10/2015Itchenor Sailing Club
AFG1490Matt and Maria Perkins25/10/2017Lymington Town Sailing Club
GBR1486Nigel Sheppard 14/07/2016Northampton Sailing Club
IRL1479Graeme Noonan01/11/2011Greystones Sailing Club
IRL1478Sarah Byrne25/11/2011Greystones SC
GBR1468John Smalley01/01/2012Chew Valley Lake SC
GBR1467Ellie Martin30/06/2011Burghfield SC
IRL1459Charlotte Carway03/11/2017Killaloe Sailing Club
GBR1452Alistair Hodgson 01/11/2016Draycote Water
GBR1451Tony Freer02/12/2011Chew Valley Lake S C
GBR1450Chris Woodard01/05/2018Deben YC
GBR1447Stephen Videlo01/10/2017Waldringfield SC
GBR1442Paul Walker05/06/2015Papercourt SC & Shoreham SC
GBR1437Dave Oakey22/11/2006Chew Valley Sailing Club
GBR1436Lorna Nee30/06/2021Frensham Pond Sailing Club
GBR1434Mark Stokes01/07/2014HISC
GBR1432Hedley Tardrew24/09/2010Bewl Valley Sailing Club
GBR1426Clive Everest05/11/2011Hayling Island S C
GBR1419Don't Point It's Rude01/03/2015Budworth Sailing Club
GBR1415James HallHISCPapercourt SC
GBR1411Adam McGovern22/03/2010Delph Sailing Club
GBR1406Andrew Guppy23/04/2019Draycote Water
GBR1405Fred Fuller31/03/2014Loch Ryan Sailing Club
GBR1404Nick and Julie-Anne White26/10/2015Alton Water SC
GBR1402Ben Dearden03/08/2019Yorkshire Dales Sailing Club
GBR1401Ellen and Mark Catherall07/09/2013Burghfield Sailing Club
GBR1397Antony Gifford21/08/2020Royal Tay YC
FRA1396Gilles Peeters15/04/2015YC Carnac / SN Larmor Plage
GBR1394Paul Govier29/11/2009Corus SC Margam
GBR1393Stuart Moss10/03/2012Largs Sailing Club
GBR1392thomas atkin23/03/2010Penarth Yacht Club
GBR1388Will and Emma Daniels15/08/2009Stewartby Water Sailing Club
GBR1384Tom Kaehler17/06/2009Datchet Water S C
GBR1382Tom Morris01/07/1905Hayling Island Sailing Club
GBR1381Jon Jenkins12/05/2009Castle Cove
GBR1377Bill Grose/Sally Cantello01/02/2011Papercourt S C
GBR1374Family Scott30/03/2015Ripon SC
GBR1372John Andrew Dean20/01/2009Manx Sailing and Cruising Club
GBR1367Chris Sutton22/05/2016Shustoke
GBR1366Brian Joyce17/01/2013Hornsea Sailing Club
GBR1364Joe Stansfield17/01/2016Chew Valley Lake Sailing Club
GBR1363Will Shepherd01/09/2015ELSTEAD
GBR1362Lawrence Hayward01/01/2009Staunton Harold Sailing Club
GBR1360Josh Hamer27/01/2018Glossop
GBR1359Andrew Robertson01/10/2008Stokes Bay Sailing Club
GBR1358Charlie Whitaker19/04/2018Budworth SC
IRL1352Clive Coffey01/01/1001Newcastle Yacht Club
GBR1351Robert A Paul20/07/2011Bolton SC
GBR1348Nick Harper01/07/2008Rickmansworth Sailing Club
GBR1347David Jessop18/01/2014Papercourt
GBR1345Jonathan Lewis01/09/2014Burghfield S C
GBR1344Chris Blackham19/06/2008
IRL1343Marty O'Leary01/09/2014RstGYC
GBR1342Sarah Green01/01/2009Llandegfedd Sailing Club
GBR1340John Preston29/05/2008Papercourt S C
GBR1336Kirsty McSeveney16/05/2008Weston SC
AUS1335Luke ThompsonMordialloc Sailing Club
AUS1334Roy Andrew Galey16/07/2011Black Rock Yacht Club
GBR1333Russell Collister01/01/2008Isle of Man Yacht Club
GBR1332John Edwards01/06/2017Abersoch SC, Ogston SC
GBR1331Richard Gibbons30/04/2008Chipstead Sailing Club
GBR1330Pete & Felicity Haddrell01/06/2008Burghfield Sailing Club
GBR1329Trudie Fell01/01/2008Burghfield Sailing Club
GBR1328Ben Saxton01/04/2008GWSC ISC RTYC
GBR1327Kevin Powley01/10/2013Bewl Valley Sailing Club
GBR1325Charlotte Savage12/04/2008
GBR1324Adrian Fisk29/08/2020Itchenor Sailing Club
GBR1323Jason Phelps01/10/2013
GBR1319Loopie Lucy Matthews01/01/2009Royal Naval Sailing Association
IRL1315FrankO'Rourke01/05/2012Greystones Sailing Club
GBR1313Adrian Whaley25/02/2015Swanage Sailing Club
GBR1311Emma Norris19/12/2009Red Wharf bay SWC
GBR1310John Burton 04/07/2011Yorkshire Dales SC
GBR1309Mike Frost07/03/2011South Cerney Sailing Club
GBR1306Steve and Jasmine Stubbs29/06/2012Tenby
GBR1302Mary-Rose Daniels01/07/2013Stone SC
GBR1301Pete Vincent09/09/2007Bristol Corinthian YC
GBR1299Kelvin Matthews20/08/2015Hayling Island Sailing Club
GBR1298Steve White25/10/2012Olton Mere Sailing Club
IRL1297Andrew and Leon Mullally17/09/2017Killaloe Sailing Club
GBR1296Chris Pickles09/01/2008Delph Sailing Club
GBR1295Tim Chandler19/08/2015Frensham Pond Sailing Club
GBR1294Mark Wiltshire17/08/2012Welsh Harp
GBR1293Andrew BoycePapercourt S C
GBR1291Stephen Lucey20/02/2010Penarth Yacht Club
GBR1290Ashley Deaton01/12/2014Royal Harwich Yacht Club
GBR1289Cath longhurst01/08/2012Locks sailing club
GBR1288Bury Lake YMBury Lake Young Mariners
GBR1287Bury Lake YM01/06/2007Bury Lake Young Mariners Club
GBR1286Christopher Bailey02/09/2012Parkstone YC
GBR1285Paul Teague01/01/2008Bristol Corinthian Y C
GBR1284Tony Wilkinson01/03/2010Parkstone Yacht Club
GBR1283John Olson02/10/2007Aberdeen and Stonehaven YC
GBR1281Alice Clare Meaden15/09/2007Draycote Water Sailing Club/University of St Andrews Sailing Club
GBR1280David Vialls09/06/2015Littleton SC
GBR1278Adrian Stell01/04/2013Papercourt SC
GBR1277Steve Corby19/04/2009King George S C
GBR1276Jack Norton20/07/2007Oxford Sailing Club
GBR1275Frensham Pond SCFrensham Pond S C
GBR1271David Blakesley01/03/2007Bury Lake Young Mariners
GBR1270Marc Gadsby22/09/2007Parkstone Yacht Club/Nottingham Sailing Club
GBR1269Oakham School01/09/2007Rutland Sailing Club
GBR1268Oakham School01/09/2007Rutland Sailing Club
GBR1267Paul Sayer08/07/2007Great Moor SC
GBR1266Martin Lilley06/07/2007Exe Sailing Club
GBR1265Julie Harrison01/03/2009Littleton Sailing Club
GBR1264Serena Stewardson28/04/2015Emberton Park Sailing Club
GBR1263Julian Bradley & Lesley Bates27/06/2008Wembley
GBR1262Dan and Sarah Fox08/09/2011LTSC
GBR1261Paul Teague01/07/2007Bristol Corinthian Y C
GBR1260Simon Langford20/05/2020Emsworth
GBR1259Colin Hammond01/07/2007Frensham Pond S C
GBR1258Oakham School01/09/2007Rutland Sailing Club
Isle of Man1257Philip Hardisty27/04/2014Isle of Man Yacht Club
GBR1256Cathy Partington01/09/2010Leigh and Lowton Sailing Club
GBR1255Ian Bowler14/06/2007Llandegfedd Sailing Club
GBR1254Robbie Burns01/09/2008Largs Sailing Club
GBR1253Paul Hirst01/10/2018Broadstairs SC
GBR1251Harry Cappleman19/04/2017Pennine Sailing Club
GBR1248Julian Commins01/01/2008Burghfield Sailing Club
GBR1246David Sloper01/05/2007Itchenar Sailing Club
GBR1245Oakham School01/09/2007Rutland Sailing Club
GBR1243Peter Hansell01/01/2008Itchenar Sailing Club
GBR1242Rebecca Heller01/01/2008Littleton Sailing Club
GBR1240Andrew Blackwell01/05/2007Littleton Sailing Club
GBR1239Trevor Rawlins01/01/2007Littleton Sailing Club
GBR1235Philip Pascall02/01/2007Itchenor SC
GBR1233John Spelman30/03/2012Chew Valley Sailing Club
GBR1231jeremy troughton01/05/2014Netley Sailing Club
GBR1230Chris Woodard20/06/2020Deben YC
GBR1229Robert Struckett01/01/2009Itchenor Sailing Club
GBR1228John Maynard01/01/2007Paignton Sailing Club
GBR1224Mark Pogmore01/01/2008Ouse Amateur Sailing Club
GBR1223Sarah Green01/03/2007Llandegfedd Sailing Club
GBR1222Robert Beere08/06/2009Burghfield Sailing club
ITA1217Gennaro D'ErcoleBasilicata Vela
GBR1213Peter Craggs01/01/2008York Railway Institute Sailing Club
GBR1210jonathan carr12/08/2012Starcross YC
GBR1209George Smith/ Alice Crick10/09/2017Shoreham
GBR1208Winston Lord
GBR1207Hal Dove25/06/2008Itchenor Sailing Club
GBR1206Ian Holder27/06/2014Exe Sailing Club
GBR1205Jeremy Collins22/12/2006Beaver Sailing Club
GBR1204Mark Lindsay19/09/2020King George Sailing Club
GBR1201Ian Towers01/10/2007Ripon Sailing Club
GBR1199Nick and Jackie Craven29/09/2012Ripon
GBR1195Tony Wetherell10/08/2006Beaver Sailing Club
AFG1194Ellie Barker20/10/2016
GBR1192Cameron Davis01/01/2008Papercourt S C
GBR1191Dr Gareth Davies17/07/2008Langstone Sailing Club
GBR1190Martin Penty01/07/2006Beaver SC
GBR1187Stuart Campbell13/10/2011Redesmere SC
GBR1186Julian Sawyer01/06/2006Bristol Corinthian Y C
GBR1185David HiveyRYA
GBR1182Andrew Barraclough25/05/2006Rickmansworth Sailing Club
GBR1180Hannah Mayhew01/06/2018Waldringfield Sailing Club
GBR1179Steve Davies01/05/2006Itchenar Sailing Club
GBR1178Julian Bradley04/01/2016Wembley
GBR1177Paddy Spink01/01/2008Brancaster Staithe S C
GBR1176Georgie Hill01/01/2008Scaling Dam Sailing Club
GBR1175Steve Powell08/06/2021Netley Sailing Club
GBR1174Chris Tuppen01/04/2006Alton Water Sailing Club
GBR1173Chris and Karen Larr20/04/2013Northampton Sailing Club
GBR1172Matt BurgePoole Yacht Club
GBR1171Alice C Brotchie02/04/2010Alton water sports centre
GBR1167Bernard Clark02/11/2016Ripon SC
GBR1166James ParkerPorthmadog
GBR1165Ian Pickard17/02/2006Bristol Corinthian Y C
GBR1164Emma Johnson01/01/2008South Cerney Sailing Club
GBR1162Russ Coggrave20/02/2015Staunton Harold SC
GBR1161Marshall King01/05/2014
GBR1159Simon Spolton01/01/2008Parkstone Yacht Club
GBR1158David PatientItchenar Sailing Club
GBR1156Alice Morgan01/01/2007Exe Sailing Club
GBR1155Ian and Stephen Videlo15/01/2017Waldringfield Sailing Club
GBR1154Sarah Tuppen14/09/2007Alton Water Sailing Club
GBR1153Martin EnglishRestronguet Sailing Club
GBR1150David Beaney15/03/2010Castaways
GBR1149mark hodge07/08/2015Waldringfield Sailing Club
GBR1148Rob MartinBurghfield Sailing Club
GBR1147Chris Appleton28/06/2008Bristol Corinthian Y C
GBR1146WottonWembley Sailing Club
GBR1144John GillWembley Sailing Club
GBR1143Bob Beare19/07/2018Starcross YC
GBR1142Ben AlexanderDeben Yacht Club
GBR1141SavellBough Beech S C
GBR1139Julian McGlashan01/03/2005Notts County Sailing Club
GBR1138HansenCovenham Sailing Club
GBR1136Chris WoodardDeben Yacht Club
GBR1135Patrick Manning05/09/2007Delph Sailing Club
IRL1134Ian Houston01/08/2007
GBR1133Colin Smith05/08/2007Hayling Island Sailng Club
GBR1132Peter LorettoParkstone Sailing Club
GBR1131BarnettMengeham Rythe S C
GBR1130Rob Janering24/12/2005Wembley Sailing Club
GBR1128Adrian Bunting23/06/2013Thorpe Bay Yacht Club.
GBR1126Andy Bines19/10/2013Brightlingsea Sailing Club
GBR1125MoodyLymington Town S C
GBR1124Lamont01/04/2007Itchenar Sailing Club
GBR1123Nicole Ames and Harry Houlding27/07/2020Fowey Gallants SC
GBR1122Ioan Lavery14/06/2021Cardiff Bay Yacht Club
GBR1120Willie Todd10/04/2014Largs Sailing Club
GBR1119Max Jones01/08/2005Bosham SC
GBR1118HarriesYorkshire Dales Sailing Club
GBR1117Natalie Messingham01/04/2015
GBR1116Steve Juden27/04/2011Downs Sailing Club
GBR1114Charlotte GoughStarcross Yacht Club
GBR1113D Kemble11/11/2008KGSC
GBR1112Peter Tarn01/03/2007Itchenor Sailing Club
GBR1111Nick Harvey29/04/2007Mounts Bay Sailing Club
GBR1110James Backhouse10/04/2006Beaver Sailing Club
GBR1109Ollie Jenkins/Josh Hobbs04/10/2017HISC
GBR1106George Yeoman01/08/2006Itchenor SC
GBR1105Neil Reid28/02/2016Combs Sailing Club
GBR1104Mark Doughty-Keen04/09/2013Pevensey Bay SC
GBR1103Matt Hall15/07/2013Grafham Water Sailing Club
GBR1102George Catchpole01/07/2014Waveney & Oulton Broad YC
GBR1100Sean Nee12/02/2020Frensham Pond Sailing Club
GBR1099BiggsBudworth S C
GBR1098Seabastian Hansell18/09/2009Downs Sailing Club
NLD1097Rob Sibbel04/02/2011VADA Sailing
GBR1096Adam Pool01/09/2021Greatmoor
GBR1094Max Jones01/07/2012Emsworth SC
GBR1093Brett Hill24/09/2011Hayling Island S C
GBR1092Bernard Clark10/05/2016Ripon SC/Overy Staithe SC
GBR1091Barrie Thornton15/04/2005Scaling Dam Sailing Club
GBR1088Orla White and Alex Gardiol29/05/2010Wembley SC London
GBR1087Tim Ellis02/04/2009Broadstairs Sailing Club
GBR1085Watson01/03/2005Derwent Reservoir Sailing Club
GBR1084Martin SowerbyScaling Dam Sailing Club
GBR1083StoreyParkstone Sailing Club
GBR1082Patrick AltoftRipon Sailing Club
FRA1081Aymeric BELVEZE13/11/2016CN Rennes
GBR1080Henry Hallam04/07/2018St Mawes Sailing Club
GBR1079Benjamin Palmer 18/10/2013Baltic Wharf Sailing Club
GBR1078Roger Wilson01/01/2006Royal Corinthian Yacht Club
GBR1077Ian Brooks10/10/2014Trearddur Bay Sailing Club
GBR1076James Kelly01/01/2013Isle of Man Yacht Club
GBR1074Ben Dutton18/01/2005Budworth S C
GBR1073FisherItchenar Sailing Club
GBR1072Neil Barrett - Sophie Jones01/09/2013
GBR1071Matthew Brown01/01/2007Beaver Sailing Club
GBR1070Paul Rayson01/02/2006Fishers Green S C
GBR1067CannonDatchet Water S C
GBR1066Harry Roome01/01/2006Hayling Island S C
GBR1065Tom Gillard06/08/2008Sheffield Viking Sailing Club
GBR1064Ian BeadleBudworth S C
GBR1062Tim Humphries30/03/2013Pevensey Bay
GBR1061StoggallCarsington Sailing Club
GBR1060Nick PetersHayling Island S C
IRL1059Emma Keane01/03/2015Blessington Sailing Club
GBR1058Paul Twine15/05/2021Langstone Sailing Club
GBR1057Lewis20/02/2005Ullswater Yacht Club
GBR1056Dave & Kate Lewins01/01/2006Budworth S C
GBR1055James Yearsley10/02/2008Hayling Island S C
BEL1051Guillaume Chéné26/02/2017
GBR1048Mark ElkingtonStarcross Yacht Club
GBR1047Jessica Blick16/03/2008Exe Sailing Club
JPN1044Kenneth King05/09/2019Nojiri Lake Association
GBR1043Ben Teague29/10/2018Abersoch Sailing Club
GBR1041CheethamBudworth S C
GBR1040Nicholas Peel10/04/2018RCYC
GBR1038Robert Adams Thomas Adams01/10/2008Deben Yacht Club
GBR1037PlestedWinsford Flash Sailing Club
GBR1036Mark Lippett20/02/2017
GBR1034AnsteadWarsash Sailing Club
GBR1032Robert Cowell12/02/2006Manx Sailing and Cruising Club
GBR1031Julian Rains and Richard Eaton27/02/2016Waldringfield Sailing Club
GBR1030GriffithDeben Yacht Club
GBR1029Christian HumphreyBristol Corinthian Y C
GBR1028William and Linda James16/07/2006Grafham Water S C
GBR1027Tim and Carol Jones05/11/2011Fisherrow Yacht Club, Musselburgh, Edinburgh
GBR1026Paul Williamson01/01/2008Staunton Harold Sailing Club
GBR1025Alex Beaney01/01/2008Datchet Water S C
GBR1024Tom Parsons02/10/2011Dovey Yacht Club
GBR1023Jason KayMichelle Kay 25/04/2021Delph SC
GBR1022Paul Lynch06/02/2008Lancing Sailing Club
GBR1020Andrew Hartley05/09/2007Yorkshire Dales
GBR1019James Williams05/07/2008Chew Valley Lake SC
GBR1018Denise Judd and Simon Cory01/11/2015Downs sailing Club
GBR1016David Farmer03/04/2015East Lothian Yacht Club
IRL1015Sean Craig23/10/2013RSGYC
GBR1012Matthew Coleman25/12/2008Weston
GBR1010Katie Restall01/01/2008Downs Sailing Club
GBR1009PageBewl Valley Sailing Club
GBR1008John Derbyshire01/06/2008Emsworht Sailing Club
GBR1007Margaret Haines20/08/2015Bowmoor SC
GBR1006Tim and Wendy Gray01/08/2004Staunton Harold Sailing Club
GBR1004Philip Poyner01/01/2007Emsworth Slipper Sailing Club
GBR1003Andy Smith01/01/2008Bassenthwaite Sailing Club
GBR1001BarnesBudworth S C
GBR1000Suzy Russell01/09/2009
GBR999Steve and Lucy Greenwood05/07/2015Alton Water
GBR998Alistair Colliar01/02/2019Aberdeen and Stonehaven Yacht Club
GBR995Kev O'BrienRAFSA
GBR994Dave Appleton01/06/2006Fishers Green S C
GBR993Daniel Jackson20/06/2012Tenby
GBR991Martin & Edward Conder06/07/2004Gurnard S C
GBR989Josh Stone17/05/2019Burghfield SC
GBR988Chris MartinBurghfield Sailing Club
GBR984Harniman14/05/2004Wembley Sailing Club
GBR983Shaun RobsonParkstone Sailing Club
Isle of Man982Greg Kelly15/06/2014Isle of Man Yacht Club
GBR981James & Will Rusden01/01/2008Highcliffe S C
GBR979Steve Barrett01/06/2009Bolton Sailing Club
GBR978Tim Lowe01/10/2015Aldenham sailing club
GBR977Jimmy MillarDalgety Bay S C
GBR975Matt Thornton and Laura Bevan12/05/2019Queen Mary
GBR974Adam Wickenden15/07/2010Silverwing SC
GBR973Tim Watkinson27/03/2009Delph Sailing Club
GBR972Hugh Smallman01/01/2006Budworth S C
FRA97115/10/2016YC Carnac / SN Larmor Plage
GBR970Richard Bower09/07/2019Draycote Water
GBR969Paul Freeman01/01/2008Parkstone Yacht Club
GBR968Keith Escritt20/02/2014Yorkshire Dales SC
GBR967Sophie Mear
GBR966Bruce MoyesParkstone Sailing Club
GBR964Charlie OdellHayling Island S C
GBR963Philip John Grimshaw27/04/2013Swarkestone SC
GBR962PetersKing & Queen Y.C.
GBR960Jayne Johnson01/10/2007Starcross Yacht Club
GBR959Rob Harrison29/06/2015Chew Valley SC
GBR958Greg Marshall29/05/2010West Lancs Yacht Club
GBR956Malcolm Morley01/09/2013
GBR955mcgregorSalcombe Yacht Club
GBR954AbbottHighcliffe S C
GBR953Adam Stiling07/01/2014Highcliffe
GBR950T Cook and C Scutt01/04/2007Littleton Sailing Club
GBR949John Bell21/12/2008Hampton SC
GBR948DickinsonLittleton Sailing Club
GBR947StoreyLittleton Sailing Club
GBR945John Hodgart11/01/2015Hayling Island SC
GBR944Simon Byrne25/11/2010Yorkshire Dales
GBR943CulwickPapercourt S C
IRL942Canice Keane01/03/2017Blessington Sailing Club
GBR941Mike Chapman01/01/2006Bough Beech S C
GBR940Dicken MacLean01/01/2008Island Barn Reservoir S C
GBR939Colin Rawlinson15/08/2015Coniston
IRL938Keith Drayton/Cillian O''Mara16/05/2017Killaloe Sailing Club
GBR937GeraldBudworth S C
GBR935Simon Yates01/04/2013Notts County Sailing Club
GBR933Peter Milligan01/03/2006Parkstone Sailing Club
GBR932SmithDelph Sailing Club
GBR931Jeremy Rushbrook18/07/2009Yorkshire Dales Sailing Club
GBR930Martin Faulkner01/07/2011
GBR929PawsonTollesbury s c
GBR928MetcalfeScaling Dam Sailing Club
GBR927Toby Heppell and Calista Paxton01/09/2012Shoreham
GBR926Rory ClarkeItchenar Sailing Club
GBR925FosterLoch Tummel Sailing Club
GBR924Tina Mackie28/04/2008Torpoint Mosquito Sailing Club
GBR923Bob JonesStarcross Yacht Club
GBR922FifeBudworth S C
GBR921Pete Bennett20/10/2008Datchet Water S C
GBR920Mark Harrison23/10/2003Gurnard S C
GBR919Mark Blackham01/01/2007Chase S C
GBR918NormanDatchet Water S C
GBR917WalkerBristol Corinthian Y C
GBR914MucklowDalgety Bay S C
GBR913HardieDabchicks Sailing Club
GBR912Pete Lindley01/02/2009Downs Sailing Club
GBR911Ditta and Phil Rose25/02/2008Aberdeen & Stonehaven Yacht club
GBR910Jon Ward17/10/2004Budworth S C
GBR909Jack Vincent01/09/2011Bough Beech Sailing Club
GBR908Keith Cuthbert01/07/2008Dalgety Bay S C
GBR907AaronsGurnard S C
GBR906William Head14/04/2012Dabchicks, West Mersea
GBR905gavin davis03/05/2010fairlands valley
GBR904RileyChew Valley Lake S C
GBR903Mike FisherExe Sailing Club
GBR902Knott07/07/2004Rotherham Sailing Club
GBR901Gavin Page28/05/2016Weston Sailing Club
GBR900CalderRoyal Highland Y C
GBR899James French01/01/2006Gurnard S C
GBR898Keith Spring01/07/2007Exe Sailing Club
GBR897duncan feathers01/06/2008bexhill
GBR896LloydLittleton Sailing Club
GBR895JordanDraycote Water Sailing Club
GBR894Paul Trubridge31/08/2016Burghfield Sailing Club
GBR893RobertsBudworth S C
GBR892MossHayling Island S C
GBR890MillerDelph Sailing Club
GBR889StapleyChichester Yacht Club
GBR888Ben Harris24/01/2020Weston SC
GBR887Stephen Roberts27/12/2014Torpoint Mosquito Sailing Club (TMSC)
GBR884Andrew Smith26/09/2011Royal Lymington YC/Fensham Pond SC
GBR883PykeHayling Island S C
GBR882Scott Cobbold02/09/2011
GBR881SouthernBough Beech S C
GBR880Paul Hammett17/04/2012hisc/psc
GBR878Ian Mairs and Tally Watson18/07/2007Parkstone Yacht Club
GBR876Keith Escritt01/01/2007Yorkshire Dales Sailing Club
GBR875Justin Churcher30/03/2012Seafarers Sailing Club
BEL874Luc Schelkens30/08/2015VVW Galgenweel
GBR872Emma Turner01/08/2013Broadwater Sailing Club
GBR871Tony Poole06/09/2011Wembly Sailing Club
GBR870ClarkBurghfield Sailing Club
GBR869Julian Mathews28/08/2013
GBR868MoscosoMengeham Rythe S C
GBR866HomerDalgety Bay S C
GBR865Kate Havill10/05/2008Parkstone Sailing Club
GBR864Peter Bunch04/07/2008
GBR863Alan Perry01/01/2003
GBR861Duncan Glen20/06/2006Parkstone Sailing Club
IRL860John McKelvie01/10/2011Wembley Sailing Club
GBR859RobinHayling Island S C
GBR858Fraser Hayden01/11/2012Papercourt SC
AFG857alan rogers28/07/2012yorkshire dales sailing club
GBR855Marcin Centkowski18/09/2016Draycote Water Sailing Club
GBR854SydenhamStokes Bay Sailing Club
GBR853Terence SpenceRipon Sailing Club
GBR852AltoftRipon Sailing Club
GBR851HadfieldChester Sailing & Canoeing Club
GBR850Liz Royall16/06/2007Mounts Bay Sailing Club
GBR849PatonPapercourt S C
GBR847BriggsWinsford Flash Sailing Club
GBR846Jeremy StephensPenzance S C
GBR845Bill Law01/02/2008Parkstone Yacht Club
GBR844CooperHollowell Sailing Club
GBR841ThompsonRipon Sailing Club
GBR840Jane and Daran Scarlett23/12/2005Emberton Park Sailing Club
GBR839Adrian Elwood01/01/2008Wembley Sailing Club
GBR838WilliamsonStaunton Harold Sailing Club
GBR837McKee30/04/2006Dovestone Sailing Club
GBR836SmithStaunton Harold Sailing Club
AFG835Pete Bennett06/06/2012Datchet Water S.C. & Silver Wing S.C.
GBR834Andrew GillWembley Sailing Club
GBR833WatkinsonCovenham Sailing Club
GBR832Pete Alvey01/07/2013Cvlsc
GBR831iain horlock23/08/2007Exe Sailing Club
GBR830Jess Hoggarth01/01/2005Hayling Island S C
GBR829SprigingsBexhill on Sea Sailing Club
IRL828Brian Corbett26/03/2018County Antrim Yacht Club
GBR827IrishDraycote Water Sailing Club
GBR826Charles Richardson01/12/2007Bristol Corinthian Y C
GBR825Pete Maycock25/07/2015Parkstone Poole
GBR822SaulGrimwith sailing club
GBR821StaiteBartley Sailing Club
GBR819Duncan Tanner25/10/2015Pevensey Bay SC
GBR818Nick Marley15/01/2012Islan Barn Reservoir Sailing Club
GBR817Tim Smith09/06/2012Bassenthwaite & Delph
GBR816Edwina Glennie01/06/2010Itchenor SC
GBR815Micky Wright01/01/2004Maylandsea bay sailing club
GBR814John MacKenzie01/09/2007Dalgety Bay S C
GBR812oliver gilchrist01/06/2013itchenor
GBR811Mike Christopher01/08/2007Parkstone Sailing Club
IRL808Charlotte Carway13/09/2014Killaloe Sailing Club!!!!!!
GBR807Hannah Marsden01/02/2007Blackpool & Fleetwood Y C
GBR806brendan lynch01/11/2018PEYC
GBR805Russ Hopkins12/08/2008Tewkesbury
GBR803Sophie French01/01/2003Gurnard S C
GBR802StruckettItchenar Sailing Club
GBR801Nick Martindale01/03/2015Chew Valley
GBR800Philip Gebhard10/06/2006Derwent Reservoir Sailing Club
GBR799Lee Ronan25/07/2015Bough Beech SC
GBR795Jason Kay 28/09/2018Delph sc
GBR794Brian and Nick Smith24/09/2009Bowmoor S. C.
GBR793GillHayling Island S C
GBR792Maia Walsh02/05/2008Cardiff Yacht Club
GBR790Ian Smith01/03/2014Leigh and Lowton SC
GBR789Steve Dunn15/06/2002
GBR788HaworthBristol Corinthian Y C
GBR787Francis Bucknall01/08/2006Wembley
GBR786Helen Krailing01/06/2006Waldringfield Sailing Club
GBR785Andrew Wishart02/04/2021Queen Mary SC
GBR783HamiltonLoch Tummel Sailing Club
GBR781Andrew Yates21/05/2011Olton Mere Sailing Club
GBR780Craig Russell26/05/2020Olton Mere Sailing Club
GBR779Peter Goodyear18/10/2011
GBR778Milligan01/12/2005Ballyholme Yacht Club
GBR777Pete VincentBristol Corinthian Y C
GBR776James Harris25/07/2009Leigh on Sea Sailing Club
GBR775PillingSheffield Viking Sailing Club
GBR774Ali Mitchell01/01/2012Derwent Res.
GBR773Simone Ciaralli17/03/2018stokes bay SC
GBR772Tom HewitsonBroadwater Sailing Club
IRL771Ben Hutchinson30/04/2016GREYSTONES & NYC
GBR770K Goodchild07/03/2010North Hykeham
GBR769LangfordRutland Sailing Club
GBR767DickensHill Head Sailing Club
GBR766Harry Roome01/01/2007Hayling Island S C
GBR765Gail Pussard01/06/2008Weston Saling Club
GBR764DonaldsonWest Lancs Yacht Club
GBR763CookBosham Sailing Club
GBR762James RickettsRipon Sailing Club
GBR760Neil Barrett and Sophie Jones20/02/2010Yorkshire Dales Sailing Club
GBR758Kate HavillParkstone Sailing Club
GBR757Tom Ellis28/06/2020Red Wharf Bay
GBR753Jonny Stevenson06/07/2016Jonny Stevenson
GBR752DobnerLittleton Sailing Club
GBR751CarvethHayling Island S C
GBR748Matthew Bromley01/03/2007Budworth S C
GBR747Tom Davidson01/01/2001West riding sailing club
GBR744Andrew Bailey01/01/2007Winsford Flash Sailing Club
GBR743Julie MarsdenStewartby Water Sailing Club
GBR742Williams01/01/2006Royal Southampton Y C
GBR740Ellery Smith Harden27/09/2020Burnham Sailing Club
GBR739Jennifer & Alastair Fletcher20/03/2009Chichester Yacht Club
GBR738Alistair Davis25/04/2016Queen Mary
GBR737MeakinsHayling Island S C
GBR736PascallItchenar Sailing Club
GBR735Chris Nash23/10/2016Maidenhead SC
GBR734R HINDLE23/06/2014bough beech
GBR733Jim Ledger01/03/2013Whitstable Yacht club
GBR731LyleWeir Wood Sailing Club
GBR729Nigel MasdingItchenor Sailing Club
GBR728Martyn Catlow14/06/2019leigh and lowton sailing club
GBR727OwensExe Sailing Club
GBR726WhitmillMiddle Nene Sailing Club
GBR725Jane Hivey15/03/2014Delph Sailing Club
GBR723DunnLoch Lomond S C
GBR722JacksonBurghfield Sailing Club
GBR721FryDraycote Water Sailing Club
GBR720BaldwinBudworth S C
GBR719Richard Harding01/09/2018Frensham Pond SC
GBR718Graham Blair & Michelle Ledger04/07/2000Weston Sailing Club
GBR717David Stones23/09/2007Frensham Pond S C
GBR716Andrew Clarke26/09/2009Beaver Sailing Club, Snaith, N Yorks
GBR715JamesCalshot Sailing Club
GBR714Hugh Tomkins06/03/2019Grafham Water SC
GBR712Alexander Davies31/05/2020Leigh and Lowton SC
GBR711Richard Holmes
GBR709John Fishbourne26/03/2006Budworth S C
IRL706Daniel Mc Nelis10/06/2005Greystones Sailing Club
GBR705Julian Bradley01/02/2006Wembley Sailing Club
GBR704VandersteenWinsford Flash Sailing Club
AFG700Tim and Isobel Houghton02/11/2013Chew Valley Sailing Club
GBR698Antony rowland23/10/2014Hollingworth Lake Sailing Club
GBR697PeacockChew Valley Lake S C
GBR695Robert Mills15/05/2021CVLSC
GBR694John Crook23/11/2013Burghfield
GBR692Tom Marks06/05/2011Bough Beech SC/Burghfield SC
GBR691Phil Smith and Naomi Darling12/06/2007
GBR690Ian Savell01/10/2005Budworth S C
GBR689Peter Hartnup21/06/2008Bewl Valley Sailing Club
GBR688CraftTeign Corinthian Yacht Club
GBR686Helen Hitchman27/03/2011Covenham SC
GBR685Gary Livingstone04/08/2008Northampton Sailing Club
GBR684Ian Cherrill10/05/2013Frensham Pond SC
GBR683Jenny Chen and Amanda Lake01/11/2015Midland Sailing Club
GBR682Jeffrey Tweddle06/12/2014Bassenthwaite Sailing Club
GBR681Phil White03/09/2010Papercourt S C
GBR679GregsonBurghfield Sailing Club
IRL678John McKelvieStrangford Lough Yacht Club
GBR677StewardOulton broad sailing club
GBR676MilnerBradford on Avon Sailing Club
GBR675MurphyBudworth S C
GBR673Peter Strobel/Sylvia Bohnenstengel03/08/2015Reading Sailing Club
GBR672Richard ThisbyRAYC
GBR671Restall06/12/2009Downs Sailing Club
GBR669Diana BlossBristol Corinthian Y C
GBR666Chris Cowan03/03/2016Stokes Bay
GBR664Katie Olson01/05/2012Aberdeen Stonehaven Yacht Club
GBR663VanceWanlip sailing club
GBR661HenrySt Mary's Loch SC
GBR660Tim and Carol Jones02/04/2011Cramond Boat Club
GBR659Jonny Mcgovern01/10/2010Port Dinorwic S C
GBR657AllenBartley Sailing Club
GBR655Andrew Davies09/04/2017Cam Sailing Club
GBR654Stephen Woodward15/08/2006Bristol Corinthian Y C
GBR653Andy Ramus07/07/2006Hayling Island S C
GBR652LightfootMIddle Nene Sailing Club
GBR651MaxwellWembley Sailing Club
GBR650Keith Stewart17/04/2011ASYC
GBR646Tim Lewis23/09/2017Milton Keynes Sailing Club
GBR645Amy and Allan Lennox23/05/2012ASYC
GBR641Alex Leonard01/06/2011Bassenthwaite Sailing Club
GBR640Katherine LoveringBurghfield Sailing Club
GBR639RS Sailing08/10/2015
GBR638SpinkBrancaster Staithe S C
GBR637EdwardsBudworth S C
FRA636Philippe Goubil27/11/2016
GBR634David Jessop08/08/2011Papercourt
GBR632''Maxine Vines15/11/2018RLymYC
IRL630Jim Griffiths/Phillip O'Connor 21/01/2017Baltimore SC
GBR629Will Henderson01/07/2012Salcombe Yacht Club
GBR627Hermione Rose Pattison01/01/2005Itchenor Sailing Club
GBR626Mike Taylor05/06/2011Alton Water Sports Centre
GBR623WilcoxEast Lothian Y C
GBR621Jonathan Towers20/07/2006
GBR620ListerGrimwith sailing club
GBR617Ellie Martin01/11/2006Burghfield Sailing Club
GBR616Andy Buchan09/03/2013Notts County Sailing Club
GBR615Chris Greenough/Peter Walker10/06/2011Dorchester SC
GBR614WhiteleyRipon Sailing Club
GBR613David Ramshaw01/04/2008Weir Wood sailing club
GBR612Roberto Mancini19/11/2017Fishers Green Sailing Club
GBR610Michael FranceHayling Island S C
GBR609Rosie Sands01/05/2006Exe Sailing Club
GBR607Paul Cutbill18/05/2010Hayling Island S C
GBR606NicholEmsworth Slipper Sailing Club
GBR605MacqueenItchenar Sailing Club
GBR604ChadbornWembley Sailing Club
GBR602ClarkeThorpe Bay Yacht Club
GBR601WaltonDraycote Water Sailing Club
GBR600HallLittleton Sailing Club
GBR597Jeremy Pudney01/11/2007Itchenor Sailing Club
GBR594FairhurstBurghfield Sailing Club
GBR593Martin Clapham03/04/2015Thornbury Sailing Club
GBR591HarringtonRoyal Torbay Yacht Club
GBR590Mike Essex01/03/2004Hythe & Saltwood S C
GBR589Clive Eplett31/05/2013Frensham Pond
FRA588Yann COLAS22/03/2015
GBR587McHaleWeston Sailing Club
GBR586Derek Walker22/04/2014Yorkshire DalesSailing Club
GBR585JerwoodItchenar Sailing Club
GBR584Paul Whitbread01/09/2006Burghfield Sailing Club
GBR582Michael Veale09/05/2009Newhaven and Seaford Sailing Club
GBR581Annette Ewence10/04/2011South Cerney Sailing Club
GBR580James Payne12/09/2008Exe Sailing Club
GBR579MulberryMayflower Sailing Club
GBR578CliftonWeir Wood Sailing Club
GBR576LewisEmsworth Slipper Sailing Club
GBR573SuffieldFishers Green S C
GBR572Alex Haynes08/05/2012Bough Beech Sailing Club
GBR567ryan springExe Sailing Club
GBR566RNSA - On loan to Hamish Walker01/01/2008RNSA
GBR560Dave HarrisSevern Sailing Club
GBR558Alice MooreRNSA / Stokes Bay
GBR556Julian james01/03/2008Gurnard S C
GBR554Hugh James20/09/2010Wembley Sailing Club
GBR552Dave Harris01/01/2008Severn Sailing Club
GBR551Jean-Philippe SnellingHayling Island S C
GBR549Darren Lutton 27/06/2019Avon sailing club
GBR548BrowneRoyal North of Ireland Yacht Club
GBR547Andy Wright18/03/2017Durleigh Sailing Club
GBR545MurchEmsworth Slipper Sailing Club
GBR544MastersonSt Mary's Loch SC
GBR543John Perry31/08/2008Pentland Firth Yacht Club
GBR542John Harvey17/09/2012Thornbury SC
GBR541StathamChase S C
GBR540Forbes/Bray18/11/2011Alton Water
GBR539Gary Rutherford18/01/2009sunderland Y.C.
GBR538WhiteheadFiley S C
GBR537Clive Eplett01/01/2004Frensham Pond S C
GBR536Louis Hockings-Cooke22/10/2017Exe Sailing Club
GBR533Patrick Marshall13/03/2016
GBR530James Ruddiman24/10/2012Draycote Water
GBR529Toby AshtonBurghfield Sailing Club
GBR528Edward KnightOxford Universcity Yacht Club
GBR526Liz Jamie15/01/2005Dalgety Bay S C
GBR525Paul Warren01/10/2010Attenborough Sailing Club
GBR524WaltonTrearddur Bay Sailing Club
GBR523FoggWest Riding S C
GBR522MendhamHayling Island S C
GBR520Simon Foye30/11/2008BSC
GBR519BlundellWeir Wood Sailing Club
GBR517John Curran and Kevin Armstrong08/02/2014Wembley Sailing Club
GBR516Richard Evans23/12/1999Chanonry Sailing Club
GBR508Adam Jenkins01/02/2007Wembley Sailing Club
GBR507Simon Moss25/07/2019Ripon Sailing Club
GBR505WilliamsHayling Island S C
GBR504Martyn Green28/03/2015Thornbury Sailing Club
GBR503PooleNottinghamshire county sailing club
FRA502Dominique Rolland09/10/2016
GBR499HatsellMiddle Nene Sailing Club
GBR498G C Dawson01/08/2011Pennine S C
GBR497Tim Littler01/01/2006Craven Sailing Club
GBR495Massey01/01/2006Dovestone Sailing Club
GBR494BowleyWeir Wood Sailing Club
GBR493Dave Bonstow01/10/2014Chew Valley Lake Sailing Club
GBR491WilliamsHayling Island S C
GBR489Dave Stubbs15/04/2013Lyme Regis Sailing Club
GBR488Julie Pascoe01/08/2008Weir Wood SC
GBR486Neall and TerryItchenar Sailing Club
GBR484Alan Cox
GBR483Tom Key14/08/2009Papercourt S C
GBR482Thomas Goodey13/03/2011Broadstairs S.C.
GBR481John Teague25/05/2008Bristol Corinthian YC
GBR479Graham Young16/10/2016YDSC
GBR478HolmesRipon Sailing Club
GBR477Greg Liggins29/04/2012Derwent Reservoir SC
GBR476PercyHayling Island S C
GBR474CovingtonHayling Island S C
GBR470Dave and Gemma Barker14/09/4807Scaling Dam Sailing Club
GBR466Kevin Welmann/a
GBR465Richard Cornes13/08/2015Hayling Island Sailing Club
GBR463Alan Mills01/07/2008Burghfield Sailing Club
GBR462Will Queree01/02/2015St. Catherine Sailing Club
GBR461Emma Tavinor20/06/2020Torpoint mosquito sailing club
GBR460Louise RenwickItchenor Sailing Club
GBR458Pete SlackStaunton Harold Sailing Club
GBR457Sarah Stallard05/06/2015roadford lake
GBR456Simon Jones01/04/2015Hill Head
GBR455Alison Banford01/04/1999Dittisham SC and RDYC
GBR454Toby Bedford10/05/2008Cardiff Yacht Club
GBR453BirrellSt Mary's Loch SC
GBR452John Robinson01/01/2005Bewl Valley Sailing Club
IRL449Hugh Clery Ward31/03/2014Cllaun sailing club
GBR447Ashleigh Brown 01/12/2017Largs sailing club
GBR446Cameron HUnter01/06/2009Bowmoor Sailing Club
GBR445Michael Kerslake02/02/2017Notts County
GBR444Mark Barron03/06/2015Loch Tummel SC
GBR443Martin Eldridge02/12/2018Llandegfedd Sailing Club
GBR441ElliottTonbridge town sailing club
GBR440Hannah Bailey01/01/2007Winsford Flash Sailing Club
GBR439Chloe Sideris and Renata Sapazinskaite01/01/2013Wembley Sailing Club
GBR438Paul Suggitt01/08/2005Bexhill on Sea Sailing Club
GBR437SandisonEast Lothian Y C
GBR434Caroline Whitehouse01/02/2008Bartley Sailing Club
GBR433Elaine Buchanan04/04/2009Oxford Sailing Club
GBR432CromptonBudworth S C
GBR431Peter Trevelyan-Johnson01/07/2009Hayling Island S C
GBR430David Watson01/01/2008Hayling Island S C
GBR429Chris Brown02/02/2012Weston Sailing Club
GBR428Stephen Bellamy27/09/2008Winsford Flash SC
GBR42642615/07/2018Starcross YC
GBR425Nick Smith17/08/2008Haversham Sailing Club
GBR423JoesburyBudworth S C
GBR422Owain hughes13/07/2014Parkstone YC
IRL421Eoin O'Cleirigh and Andrerw Smith02/04/2016Greystones SailinG Club
GBR420Peter and Sara Robinson04/05/2007East Lothian Y C
GBR419James Bayliss and Lucinda Hall-JonesLittleton Sailing Club
GBR418Liz Teague25/04/2010Bristol Corinthian Y C
GBR415Paul Jackson07/07/2007Mounts Bay Sailing Club
GBR414David Attenburrow15/10/2009Starcross Yacht Club
SWE413Fredrik Söderman30/06/2015Uppsala KanotKlubb
GBR411Paul Craig04/08/2018Thornbury SC
GBR409RiversLeigh on Sea Sailing Club
GBR408Eddie Wright04/02/2007Paignton Sailing Club
GBR407Lily Barrett and Ollie Williamson09/09/2016Island Barn Reservoir Sailing Club
GBR406Andrew Weeden01/01/2003Draycote Water Sailing Club
GBR405Tom Leckie10/07/2019Leigh and Lowton
GBR404Nathalie Watson09/01/2005Chipstead Sailing Club
GBR399Heilbron25/01/2007Bough Beech S C
GBR397Simon Harris10/12/2007Wembley Sailing Club
GBR396Mark Percival09/09/2009Bristol Corinthian Y C
GBR391Jon Elphick15/03/2020Sunderland Yacht Club
GBR390Corrie Hyslop20/08/2008Dalgety Bay S C
GBR389coe04/05/2008Shoreham Sailing Club
GBR387KeckQueen Mary S C
GBR386Stephen Hobbs03/04/2014THORNBURY SAILING CLUB
GBR385Peter Irwin22/11/2008
GBR384RICHARD SWEETMAN12/10/2016Porchester Sailing Club
GBR383Martin Redmond05/02/2011Covenham Sailing Club
GBR379YoungScaling Dam Sailing Club
GBR377Bury lake y m (b)Bury Lake Young Mariners
GBR376Sam Jacklin03/06/2007Exe Sailing Club
GBR374Nick Harman28/05/2009Papercourt S C
GBR372Rosa SimpsonPortchester S C
FRA37115/11/2016CVAN Mazerolles
GBR370Mark Lentell18/09/2016Cawsand Bay Sailing Club
IRL369Sergiusz Paprzycki & Katarzyna Markiewicz20/06/2009Greystones Sailing Club
GBR367StevensBosham Sailing Club
GBR366Charlie Nunn13/03/2016Largs Sailing Club
GBR364PollingtonBurghfield Sailing Club
IRL363Patrick Culloo30/06/2017Killaloe Sailing Club
GBR361Nick Moore10/10/2007Starcross Yacht Club
GBR360Andy Marsh01/05/2006Itchenar Sailing Club
GBR358Matthew Yallop01/01/2005Middle Nene Sailing Club
GBR357Jason MacKay01/09/2005Port Edgar Yacht Club
GBR356EverettCovenham Sailing Club
GBR355SparkesLoch Lomond S C
GBR354ThompsonGurnard S C
GBR353Marcus and Debbie Wallace01/12/2020Harlow Blackwater
GBR352Kevan Gibb30/04/2007Largo Bay S C
GBR349Philip Mileham28/04/2012Hayling Island Sailing Club
GBR346Lynn Billowes28/04/2014Weston Sailing Club
GBR345Martin Lown01/09/2016
GBR344SeargeantWembley Sailing Club
GBR343Jeffery McTaggartShoreham Sailing Club
GBR340Thomas Elliot03/09/2016Chew Valley Sailing Club
GBR336Jenkins01/01/2006Emsworth Sailing Club
GBR334Oakeshott and Haynes01/10/2013Winsford Flash Sailing Club
GBR332Peter Entwistle01/01/2008Papercourt S C
GBR331David Peel01/01/2003Banbury Sailing Club
GBR328Garfitt15/10/2016Milton keynes Sailing Club
GBR327Sally Campbell28/05/2005Bristol Corinthian
GBR321Christopher Ian Blackburn21/09/2015Delph
GBR319HodgkinsDatchet Water S C
GBR318Julie Leece10/10/2007Loch Venachar Sailing Club
GBR317DeeleyBartley Sailing Club
GBR314McIntyreEast Lothian Y C
GBR312Kim Pickering16/08/2018Winsford Flash SC
GBR310CraggsYork railway institute sailing club
GBR309Richard Foulds07/05/2018Blackwater Sailing Club
GBR307Dave Turner22/03/2014Parkstone Yacht Club
GBR306Andrew Dixey27/07/2013Olton Mere Sailing Club
GBR304Tim Gold03/05/2012Harlow Blackwater SC
GBR298WilliamsBough Beech S C
GBR296Alistair Coates01/04/2014Leigh and Lowton Sailing Club
GBR292Michael Casey
GBR289Nicola Abbatt20/05/2015Ullswater Yacht Club
GBR288carl martin10/04/2009swarkestone sailing club
GBR285Tom Kosteletos26/03/2018Lancing Sailing Club
GBR282HaylettDatchet Water S C
GBR276TaylorBartley Sailing Club
GBR270HanbyBeaver Sailing Club
GBR268TaylorLoch Earn Sailing Club
GBR264Graham Wilson01/03/2007Northampton Sailing Club
GBR263Ashley Fretwell29/03/2014Alton Water Sailing Club
GBR262StirzakerCarsington Sailing Club
GBR260Lovell01/09/1996Chew Valley Lake S C
GBR257DenchfieldStewartby Water Sailing Club
GBR256CresswellBurghfield Sailing Club
GBR255Andrew Connellan01/12/2006Middle Nene Sailing Club
GBR252Emma York01/01/1996Northampton Sailing Club
GBR250HarbourHayling Island S C
GBR249Guy Woodhouse01/11/2014Lyme Regis sailing club
GBR247FrostExe Sailing Club
GBR246SmithRoyal tay yacht club
GBR245Simon Byrne19/05/2018Yorkshire Dales Sailing Club
GBR244Charlie Sansom14/10/2016Bowmoor SC
GBR243duncan rennie01/04/2013rutland sailing club
GBR242GaddHaversham Sailing Club
GBR240Adrian Rigby17/12/2006Calshot Sailing Club
GBR239David Ritchie23/04/2007South Windermere Sailing Club
GBR238Alaric Colville02/08/2008Starcross Yacht Club
GBR237new owner20/12/2014not known
GBR235SeamenDell Quay Sailing Club
GBR231Jeremy Symons01/01/2004Llandegfedd Sailing Club
GBR230Richard DixonMarconi Sailing Club
GBR229David CarterSt Cathrines Sailing Club Jersey
GBR227Ian Cleaver01/11/2011Island Barn RSC
GBR226BallDraycote Water Sailing Club
GBR225j jackson10/10/1999Hardway Sailing Club
GBR224Christopher Cowan30/12/2012Portchester Sailing Club
GBR223FordItchenar Sailing Club
FRA22115/10/2016YC Carnac / SN Larmor Plage
GBR219Bob Broughton14/04/1996Portishead Yacht & Sailing Club
GBR216A.Swann10/05/2021Saltash Sailing Club
GBR215Mark Hudson24/03/2010Maidenhead Sailing Club
GBR212CruickshankBristol Corinthian Y C
FRA208Anne Mouget15/04/2013CN Rennes
GBR202Simpson01/04/2004Largs Sailing Club
GBR200FilleryLittleton Sailing Club
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